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Scientist Explains ‘Where Fake Science Came From’

By Gary Novak – Independent Scientist

Journalists created the global warming scare, not real scientists. There always is a lot of incompetence and errors in science, but they slowly wash out under normal conditions. Journalists railroaded that process with global warming—imposing nihilism onto the public and scandalizing real scientist out of science.

Then they repeated the same thing with the non-solution of renewable energy. Real engineers tried to explain the fallacy of such renewable energy, but they were shoved out of the process by totalitarian journalists.

Why that happened is being revealed with the fascist overthrow of government. It’s because modern methods of reality control systematically overwhelm rationality. Reality is being railroaded everywhere by the transformation of journalistic media. It’s not a process that rationality can survive.

The old method of communicating through the paper medium was methodical in correcting errors. People got accustomed to a process that could be relied upon for sorting out falsehoods. People were then caught off guard by scam methods of reality control that developed, in part due to the internet but also due to increased social complexities, while conservatives dismantled standards of normalcy in politics and throughout society.

For more than a century, incompetents in physics were harboring ignorant assumptions about a greenhouse effect in the atmosphere. Real scientists put them in their place with such measurements as saturation, where all available radiation was absorbed by small amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, so more carbon dioxide could not absorb more radiation.

Science corruption increased during the 1960s and literally overwhelmed science during the 1970s due to increasing complexities which were met by incompetents through corruption and overwhelm of rationality. Science bureaucrats ran with the corruptions of science instead of correcting them. That result was an inevitable characteristic of the bureaucracies due to the darkness of operating behind closed doors. It’s a truism that corruption always prevails where there is a lack of openness and accountability because of the complexities of rationality and contrasting simplicity of destroying rationality to prevail and dominate. When rational persons try to correct errors in the bureaucracies, they are called whistleblowers and forced out if not thrown in jail, as endless examples have shown.

During the 1960s bureaucrats were forcing scientists to do their research at a desk rather than in a laboratory. Scientists were required to describe every detail in applying for a grant and then fill in the blanks with numbers in a laboratory. The bureaucrats were trying to apply an engineering model to science, not knowing the difference.

Then during the 1990s, bureaucrats took their stupidity a step further in requiring a statistical analysis with every number published in the biological sciences. First, they did not understand the whimsical fluidity of statistics. It’s how each side in politics gets different results for the same questions. Then they did not understand that a study has to be designed for statistical purposes from the beginning, as statistics cannot be applied to numbers produced through other methods. So there were papers published during the 1990s with one data point and statistical labels applied in attempts to please the bureaucrats.

Now days, laboratory scientists are so overwhelmed by everything other than science that they find it impossible to get much done. That degree of overwhelm makes it easy for corrupt scientists and nonscientists to scandalize real scientists out of science for trying to correct errors. The attempts by critics to correct social errors on global warming and renewable energy have dwindled to nothing at this time, not because the truth prevailed but because corruption totally overwhelmed rationality. What happened in politics with fascism happened in science years earlier.

Global warming came to the surface during the 1970s, as trash science overwhelmed real science on the subject. Trash journalists brought the trash science to the surface and prevented criticism of it in the public domain. People have no other source of information on complex realities but the journalistic media. As the journalism deteriorated, social realities deteriorated.

One of the tools used by incompetent scientists and trash journalists to overwhelm rationality on a greenhouse effect was the claim that greenhouse gases increased the temperature of the atmosphere by 33°C. Bureaucrats sent out model web sites for state and local governments on global warming showing the 33°C at the top. The message was that nature delicately balances atmospheric temperatures and humans were upsetting the balance.

Where that number came from was to take the present average temperature of the atmosphere, 15°C, and subtract the theoretical temperature without an atmosphere, -18°C, and attribute the entire 33°C difference to greenhouse gases absorbing radiation. They missed the fact that most energy enters the atmosphere from the surface of the earth due to wind blowing over the surface and picking up the heat through conduction and convection. Wouldn’t any eighth grader studying general science notice that omission? Bureaucrats and incompetent scientists are functioning below the level of eighth graders studying general science.

Here’s the quote that appeared at the top of state and local web sites for more than a decade, before someone clued them in and removed it in most, but not all, cases:

“The “greenhouse effect” refers to the natural phenomenon that keeps the Earth in a temperature range that allows life to flourish. The sun’s enormous energy warms the Earth’s surface and its atmosphere. As this energy radiates back toward space as heat, a portion is absorbed by a delicate balance of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere —among them carbon dioxide and methane—which creates an insulating layer. With the temperature control of the greenhouse effect, the Earth has an average surface temperature of 59°F (15°C). Without it, the average surface temperature would be 0°F (-18°C),—

Scientists have concluded that human activities are contributing to global warming by adding large amounts of heat-trapping gases to the atmosphere.—we release carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases into the air.”

There is no such thing as a greenhouse effect in the atmosphere for many reasons. A transparent gas cannot trap heat, as radiation leaves from every three dimensional point requiring about 83 femto seconds. Absorbing molecules are nothing but a pass-through for radiation. When the atmosphere can cool 20°C during the night by radiating energy into space, there is no such thing as transparent molecules trapping heat in the atmosphere.

Physics is so abstract that physicists have gotten none of the basics right since Newton’s laws were correctly produced in 1687. A year earlier, 1686, an erroneous definition of kinetic energy was suggested as KE=mv² (kinetic energy equals mass times velocity squared). Then in 1845, Joule’s experiment supposedly proved that that formula was correct. Joule stirred water in a wooden bucket to measure the heat produced. He did not have the slightest ability to construct such an experiment, and there is no correct theory in determining the correct equation with that type of experiment. More than one data point is needed to test the definition, while only one data point could be produced that way. And the heat would have dissipated into the environment in seconds, while each measurement would have taken about an hour, if joule had five athletes helping him, which he wouldn’t have had. He claimed to take care of environmental effects by doing an extra run, which was an impossibility. Physicists claim to have repeated the results and that Joule was only off by four parts per thousand (0.4%). That means physicists shamelessly fabricate fraud. I show simple mathematical proof that velocity should not be squared, that KE=mv, which is momentum.

Fabricating fraud for at least 177 years is why physicists can now shamelessly claim to show a helicopter on Mars, while Mars only has 1% as much atmosphere as Earth, which will not allow a helicopter to function. The sole purpose of physicists now days is to glamorize their incompetent corruptness knowing that any scientist who criticizes will be out of science, while trash journalists will build up the fraud into the solution to all social problems.

It’s why physicists claim to measure gravity waves producing motion on test instruments at 100 million times smaller than the vibration of atoms. The instruments are made of vibrating atoms. That’s like measuring one inch with a ruler that is vibrating 1.6 thousand miles at the frequency of infrared radiation. The extreme ridiculousness tells other scientist that any criticism will remove them from science. The Nazis never had it so good.

That standard was where the claimed greenhouse effect came from. Frauds in physics needed a mathematical representation for the their claims. So they used computer modeling as the invincible fraud methodology and produced what they call radiative transfer equations. They sliced the atmosphere into numerous sections and calculated the radiation leaving one section and being absorbed in the section above it. When they got to the top of the atmosphere, they said there was 3.7 watts per square meter less radiant energy leaving the Earth than entering from the sun for each doubling of CO2 in the atmosphere, and it does the global heating. It’s like buying a pound of gold, cutting into a thousand pieces and selling back two pounds of gold.

There are many contradictions with five hundred years of evolved scientific knowledge in that procedure. First, there is no such thing as a long-term disequilibrium in such radiation flows. What the frauds needed was a shift in equilibrium rather than a disequilibrium. But equilibrium is too complex for an analysis or applied math. So physicists simplified by claiming a disequilibrium.

Another contradiction is that watts are units of change which produce a constantly changing result; yet watts supposed represented a fixed number which was translated into 1°C of atmospheric heating. That’s why people pay for watt-hours of electricity used rather than watts. Physicists used watts, because they needed the Stefan-Boltzmann constant for fake math, and it is expressed as watts of radiation leaving a surface at any particular temperature.

Another problem is that the fixed 1°C for each doubling would mean that the first molecule of CO2 in the atmosphere doubling to two molecules would heat the entire atmosphere by 1°C. Of course, the result is rationalized as only applying to present conditions, but the fake curve has the same proportionality problem in small changes as well as large. In other words, the fake curve is ridiculous, but physicists needed fake math for pretending to calculate the amount of heating produced by carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

That result is exactly how reliable renewable energy is from windmills and solar. Engineers used to show mathematics refuting the whole concept of such renewable energy. They showed that it takes more energy to produce the those types of renewables than they yield, in addition to wasting resources and ravaging the environment. But they were shoved aside and replace by trash journalists who railroaded the subject onto society. The contractors who produce the hardware love renewable energy, because they get cost-plus contracts, which means the more wasteful they are, the more profit they make.

Again, incompetents in the bureaucracies are instrumental in promoting the problem of fake renewable energy. They claim electric motors get 96% efficiency resulting in electric vehicles getting the equivalent of 100 to 150 miles per gallon equivalent. Anyone who assumes electric motors get 96% efficiency isn’t qualified to clean a doghouse. Every electric motor is air cooled, because no transformation of electrical energy into kinetic energy can get more than 40% efficiency for theoretical reasons, and the result is always closer to 25% efficiency under operating conditions.

Where the 96% efficiency came from is the loss due to wire resistance in the motors. That means it’s a resistance measurement with a voltmeter while the motor is turned off. It doesn’t account for the transformation of energy. Inductance acting upon electrons which move mass must always lose 60% or more of the energy, because randomized atomic motion results in more randomized motion with forces acting upon atoms, and randomized atomic motion is heat, which is transformed from the electrical energy. Total energy minus heat is efficiency.

Gary Novak
Independent Scientist
Liberal Progressive
Seattle, WA