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UN COP26: Boosting China & CO2, Advancing Globalist Lockdown

The big news out of the latest United Nations climate summit is that the Biden administration agreed to further decimate the U.S. economy and force America to become even more dependent on Communist Chinese “green” industries. This will boost Beijing’s power and global CO2 emissions as more Western industry moves to China, which emits more CO2 than the United States and the European Union combined.

Not surprisingly, shortly after the summit concluded, the New York Times revealed that Hunter Biden, the president’s son, played a key role in handing Beijing one of the world’s biggest cobalt mines. Cobalt is a key mineral involved in “green” schemes. It was not immediately clear how much the “Big Guy” might have received from the deal.

It was a perfect metaphor for the entire conference: Western nations must hand over trillions of dollars, slash their prosperity, give up more freedom, and redistribute their wealth to Third World kleptocrats and global elites. In exchange, those Third World kleptocrats promise to keep their people poor forever, as China pledged to keep building more coal-fired power plants.

Of course, globalist totalitarians, kleptocrats, and “world leaders” who gathered to supposedly save the planet from the gas of life (CO2) did not get everything they wanted at the “climate change” summit in Glasgow this month. But they certainly made great progress toward their goals of “net zero,” which is cover for global centralization of economic and political power.

From drastically upping the proposed wealth-redistribution numbers to pledging a rapid “phase down” of essential hydrocarbon energy dubbed “fossil fuels” in the agreement, the UN’s 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) was a bonanza for global elites and their minions. As always, the “climate crisis” turned out to be a major cash cow.

In the early days of the summit, virtually every speaker and political bigwig declared that the summit was the last chance to save the planet from destruction. Still, by the end, everyone involved agreed that the planet was not quite saved yet and that more expensive, CO2-spewing meetings would be required for years to come, preferably in exotic locations with good airports so the private jets can find parking.

After days of “blah blah blah,” as teen climate activist Greta Thunberg put it, it is easy to see why critics ridiculed the confab as a “doomsday cult.” In fact, too many speakers, diplomats, and climate activists to count literally shrieked about the impending climate doom that was certainly coming upon Mother Earth because of the emissions sins of evil polluting human beings.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who once ridiculed the climate circus for peddling “primitive fear” that was “without foundation,” was among the many doomsday prophets at COP26. “It’s one minute to midnight on that doomsday clock and we need to act now,” he said, echoing similar pronouncements made at every UN “climate” summit for decades.

The head of the UN, longtime global socialist leader António Guterres, sounded similarly apocalyptic in his pronouncements about the demands of the climate gods. Continuing to use hydrocarbon energy is tantamount to “digging our own graves,” he declared. “We face a stark choice: either we stop it — or it stops us.”

It was the first UN “climate” summit since COVID and world governments’ unprecedented assault on liberty rocked the world in early 2020. It was also the first summit in years where a compliant U.S. president was willing to play along with — and fund — the increasingly unhinged process. And thus, it was highly significant for several reasons.

To begin with, ruling elites from around the world made enough “pledges” to keep global warming below 2°C. Of course, the models making these forecasts of temperature change based on CO2 output are an international laughing stock with a track record of always being wrong. But based on those models, the planet should be safe if governments follow through.

“Of course it is all just political promises. Many are economically impossible, some physically so,” explained Dr. David Wojick, Ph.D., in an analysis for the free-market environmentalist group CFACT. “At this point that is not the point. The alarmist movement has the serious problem of apparent success. How they handle it will be fun to watch.”

As always, money was a key issue. Kleptocratic rulers from Africa initially demanded that a staggering $1.3 trillion per year be funneled into their bank accounts, supposedly to compensate them for CO2 emitted by more advanced nations. But even Western kleptocrats eager to fleece their subjects to save Mother Earth were not willing to go that far — at least not yet.

Without consulting Congress, which must approve all expenditures, the Biden administration pledged to hand over nearly $12 billion annually for the global slush fund known as the “Green Climate Fund.” This fund is critical to the whole scam because it is what keeps Third World kleptocrats playing the game and doing as they are told.

During his term, Obama agreed to help set up the fund, and even used legal trickery to bypass federal laws prohibiting U.S. taxpayer funding of international organizations that included the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Tens of billions of dollars are already being transferred annually from poor and middle-class taxpayers in wealthier nations to elites in poor nations using the “fund.”

On the sidelines of the event, the Biden administration and the mass-murdering dictatorship enslaving Communist China announced that they would join forces for “enhanced climate actions.” Ironically, despite pledging to “raise ambition” and pursue more “clean energy,” the regime in Beijing is building coal-fired power plants faster than the U.S. government can shut down those operating in the United States.

“There is more agreement between China and US than divergence,” Beijing top “climate” diplomat, Xie Zhenhua, told reporters at the summit. Biden’s “climate” envoy John Kerry, who flew to Iceland to pick up his climate award in a private jet, echoed those remarks, saying “on climate, co-operation is the only way to get this job done.”

Ironically, Communist China emits more CO2 than the United States, the European Union, and India — combined. But under the UN agreements based around the illegitimate Paris deal signed by Obama but never ratified by the Senate, Beijing vowed to continue increasing its emissions for at least a decade, if not more.

All of this will cause far more CO2 to be released in the atmosphere. As Biden and EU leaders shut down U.S. industry, more of that production and manufacturing (and thus energy consumption) will take place in China, where CO2 emissions per unit of output are drastically higher. In other words, if the climate movement believed in the hypothesis underpinning the summit, this is the worst possible outcome.

Within weeks of the UN summit ending, the New York Times reported that “Hunter Biden, the president’s son, was a founding board member of a firm that helped China secure one of the world’s largest cobalt deposits.” Cobalt is a key input for various unreliable and expensive “clean energy” technologies, including batteries, that the Biden administration is working to foist on Americans as Beijing corners the market on critical minerals for the industry.

Beijing also got a key stake in the lithium market, another key mineral, as Biden handed over Afghanistan to the Taliban and its allies in the regime ruling China on a silver platter. The brutal dictatorship enslaving mainland China dominates the rare-earth minerals sector, giving it a dominant position in many of the very industries that the Biden administration is forcing Americans to become dependent on.

“Net zero” was the big buzz word this time. In other words, humanity’s net CO2 emissions must be reduced to nothing. For every bit of CO2 released, some climate grifter such as Al Gore must be paid for “carbon credits” to ensure that a tree is planted where an African village used to be. Yes, seriously. Meanwhile, leading experts such as Dr. William Happer of Princeton have warned that the planet and the plants living on it are starving for CO2.

Ironically, the summit’s so-called carbon footprint was twice as large as the previous summit held in Madrid two years ago. According to a preliminary report, the UN’s anti-CO2 fest was responsible for releasing more than 100,000 tons of the gas into the atmosphere.

Hundreds of private jets used by Big Business bosses such as Jeff Bezos and Big Government bosses from around the world — the very people claiming humanity must emit less of the essential gas — contributed a major portion of that total.

Despite the efforts of the far-left establishment media to cover it up, the wannabe “climate” superheroes know full well that they will be ridiculed and criticized worldwide for the obscene display of hypocrisy and gluttony. However, the reality is that there is no way to feed, transport, and keep warm large numbers of people without those pesky fossil fuels the summit was supposedly aimed at vanquishing.

“Fossil fuels supply more than three-quarters of the world’s energy today because they are affordable, reliable, and abundant,” explained Ayn Rand Institute Vice President Keith Lockitch, Ph.D., in a piece for New Ideal. “It’s a dangerous fiction to propose, and to set as a goal for the world’s nations, that we can replace fossil fuels with dilute, unreliable, unstable sources such as wind and solar.”

“The relatively minor scale-up of wind and solar in recent years has already driven up energy costs and seriously impacted the stability of affected electric grids,” he continued. “Indeed, just a day or two into the COP26 event, wind power in the UK reached critically low levels, resulting in the need for coal-generated power plants to come online.”

“The unsurprising hypocrisy at COP26 underscores the irrationality of its goals. Since every aspect of human life depends crucially on energy, you can’t even hold a conference whose aim is to destroy our ability to use reliable, stable, inexpensive energy without relying on the very energy sources under attack,” he added. “What we should be condemning about COP26 is not its hypocrisy but its hysterical fearmongering rhetoric and its deadly anti-energy goals.”

In a series of interviews after the COP26 summit, Marc Morano argued that the children being used by the UN and the climate-agenda peddlers were increasingly seeing through the charade and were no longer willing to play along. Indeed, Greta Thunberg described the summit as a “failure,” adding that the UN confabs had become a “PR event.”

While the world’s governments and kleptocrats are making less progress than they would have liked on impoverishing the planet and shackling humanity to a global “climate” regime, they are making progress nonetheless. It will be up to Congress as well as state and local governments to stand in the way and interpose on behalf of their constituents.