Listen: Morano on Sheila Zilinsky’s show discusses climate lockdowns & UN climate summit

RealSheilaZ Published November 20, 2021 Marc Morano joins Sheila on a wrap of UN Climate Conference COP 26 in Glasgow, Scotland. All of Sheila’s content is completely, 100%, viewer supported and funded. Thank you for your kindness to keep information like this coming. HOW TO GIVE: Patreon:

Cloud seeding gains steam as West faces worsening droughts: ‘Releasing plumes of silver iodide to cause ice crystals to form & snow’ By Maddie Stone As the first winter storms rolled through this month, a King Air C90 turboprop aircraft contracted by the hydropower company Idaho Power took to the skies over southern Idaho to make it snow. Flying across the cloud tops, the aircraft dropped flares that burned as they descended, releasing plumes of silver […]

Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry: ‘We need to disabuse ourselves of the hubris that we can control Earth’s climate & prevent extreme weather events’ by Judith Curry Are our current solutions only a short term fix? On Monday November 15, I will be participating in an iaiLIVE debate on The Next Environmental Crisis.  … A draft of my responses is appended below: Will the new, green energy economy ushered in by governments save us from environmental disaster? For […]

Climategate 2 10th Anniversary – Over 5000 emails posted “I think, that “our” reaction on the errors found in Mike Mann’s work were not especially honest.” – Douglas Maraun, UEA. Today is the tenth anniversary of “Climategate 2”. On 22 November 2011, about two years after the first Climategate event, a link was placed by FOIA on six climate sceptic blogs. One of the […]