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COP26 was a flop … yet again: Climate summits ‘a meaningless ritual…that achieves little or nothing’ COP26 was a flop … yet again   London, 15 November – Every year, the annual UN climate conference heralds two weeks of intergovernmental pantomime.Without fail, we are told that time is running out, that it’s one minute to midnight, that we are drinking in the last chance saloon, and that it’s the last chance to […]

UN climate summit COP26 Ends In Humiliating Failure: ‘Developing nations refused to limit their economic growth’ – Only ‘really agreed to meet up again next year & discuss things again’ By Paul Homewood The UN’s climate agenda has finally hit the buffers in Glasgow. It almost happened in Copenhagen 12 years ago, when developing nations refused to limit their economic growth to satisfy the West. It was only the promise of hundreds of billions of dollars that persuaded them to come along for the […]