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French court recognises ‘turbine syndrome’ after couple claim illness caused by wind farm

By Rob Waugh

A French court has awarded compensation to a Belgian couple who claimed they suffered health issues caused by a wind farm.

The court awarded Luc and Christel Fockaert more than €100,000 over what was described as “turbine syndrome”, The Guardian reported.

The Fockaerts said they had symptoms including headaches, insomnia, depression and nausea, which began after six wind turbines were set up near their home.

The couple claimed the symptoms stopped when they moved away from the area, and that they believed the problems came from noise and flashing lights on the turbines.

Christel Fockaert told The Guardian: “We didn’t understand straight away, but little by little we realised the problem came from the turbines.

“The turbines flash every two seconds… we had to have outside lights to counter the effect of the flashes.”