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Greta Thunberg brands UN climate summit ‘a failure’ & ‘a PR event’ … a ‘global greenwashing festival’ – ‘Shove your climate crisis up your arse’ – ‘No more whatever the f*ck they’re doing inside there’ GLASGOW, SCOTLAND – Swedish campaigner Greta Thunberg on Friday branded the U.N. climate summit in Glasgow a “failure” after a week of negotiations produced what some experts have called vague promises to cut emissions. “It is not a secret that COP26 is a failure,” Thunberg told thousands of youth protesters at a march in the […]

‘Real-life data such as cold weather & increasing sea ice hints at the falseness of their faux climate crises’

  “As world leaders met this week at Glasgow for COP26, real-life data such as cold weather and increasing sea ice hints at the falseness of their faux climate crises.” @VijayJayaraj_CC @WashTimesOpEd — The Washington Times (@WashTimes) November 5, 2021 Consecutive cold years reveal climate hoax of COP26 The poles show no signs […]

Watch: Counter-UN climate Forum in Scotland Questions ‘Net Zero’ Policy – Monckton, Taylor, Rucker & Morano NTD UK NEWS – By Jane Werrell While there are growing concerns that dissenting views about climate change are being shut down, just down the road from COP26 in Glasgow, a group of analysts and experts scrutinized the UN’s climate policies at a Counter COP26 event. It comes as net zero policies begin to be implemented around […]