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House Democrats hector Big Oil CEOs on climate during energy price spikes – Rep Andy Biggs ‘lectures Big Oil CEOs on their appeasement of climate idiocy’

Listening to insane House Democrats hector Big Oil CEOs on climate.
Really something.Image

Republicans doing a surprisingly good job defending the oil & gas industry at the House #BigOilShowTrial.

Democrats looking stupid, as expected, trying to play gotcha.

CEOs, playing both sides…. mouthing climate concern but emphasizing reality — society needs oil & gas. 

Stark raving mad @RashidaTlaib accuses Chevron CEO of making $29 million for ‘poisoning the planet.’

Also raves Chevron owes $51 billion to indigenous people in Latin America.

Puzzled CEO responds he has no idea what she is talking about.

Rave on, crazy person.Image

Ex-waitress now quizzing Big Oil CEOs.Image

.@AOC to ExxonMobil CEO:

‘Some of us have to live the future that you are setting on fire.’ 😜

Very unimpressive questions and comments.Image

Kudos to @RepAndyBiggsAZ for lecturing Big Oil CEOs on their appeasement of climate idiocy.Image

Georgia Congressman Hank Will-the-Navy-Capsize-Guam Johnson quizzes Big Oil CEOs at the #HouseBigOilShowTrial.

Hard to believe this is what democracy has come to after 2,500 years.Image

Crazy @CoriBush accuses Big Oil CEOs of white supremacy for making tear gas, causing violent crime and killing millions of people.

The clear leader in today’s Most Lunatic Congressman Sweepstakes.