AP: Heating costs to soar as Biden begs fossil-fuel companies for ‘to bring down rising fuel costs’ as heating fuel might go up 54% year-on-year this winter

  https://hotair.com/ed-morrissey/2021/10/14/ap-heating-costs-to-soar-as-biden-begs-fossil-fuel-companies-for-rescue-n422298 By ED MORRISSEY The White House has been speaking with U.S. oil and gas producers in recent days about helping to bring down rising fuel costs, according to two sources familiar with the matter. Energy costs are rising worldwide, in some cases leading to shortages in major economies like China and India. In […]

Big Tech cracks down on climate dissent: Morano: ‘Climate became the third rail of politics. No one is allowed to challenge it in any way’

https://wng.org/roundups/big-tech-cracks-down-on-climate-dissent-1634247947 Big Tech cracks down on climate dissent Politics has shut down scientific debate, skeptics say. by Carolina Lumetta Beginning next month, Google will implement a new policy to crack down on “climate change misinformation.” The tech giant announced in an Oct. 7 blog post it would start removing ads and YouTube content that counters the “scientific […]

Watch: Dr. Benny Peiser explains why Europe facing energy crisis: The UK govt “refused an application for natural gas drilling in the North Sea. So it’s complete and utter madness’

"There's enough natural gas for about 50 years, perhaps even more at current gas prices. And the Government just 2 days ago, refused an application for natural gas drilling in the North Sea. So it's complete and utter madness" #NetZeroWatch Director, Dr Benny Peiser tells @GBNEWS pic.twitter.com/1ygsWbKanS — Net Zero Watch (@NetZeroWatch) October 12, 2021

World’s leaders simultaneously call for abandonment of fossil fuels & demand more fossil fuels from autocratic suppliers, at the same time

  https://www.forbes.com/sites/tilakdoshi/2021/10/11/tis-the-silly-season-with-a-looming-winter-of-energy-discontent/?sh=4e77aac9399c By Tilak Doshi No, this article is not about a socially-distanced, house-bound suburban family in lockdown zero-covid mode engaged in a game of charades with face masks on. Nor is it about the prospect of a Christmas that promises broken supply chains and bare shelves around the world for all the cheap goods […]

Climate Crusader Prince William Slams William Shatner Space Flight

  https://wattsupwiththat.com/2021/10/15/climate-crusader-prince-william-slams-william-shatner-space-flight/ by Eric Worrall h/t Grant Griffiths; Anyone who thinks Prince Charles and Prince Harry are the only royal climate hardliners needs to take a closer look at Prince William. Prince William criticises billionaire space race after William Shatner’s Blue Origin flight The Duke of Cambridge says the focus should be on repairing the […]