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Newsweek OpEd: Radical Green Groups Put Profits Before Planet By STEPHEN MOORE , AUTHOR AND DISTINGUISHED VISITING FELLOW, HERITAGE FOUNDATION I’ve been warning for years about the dangers of the “climate change industrial complex.” By this I mean the perversion of science and government policy decisions resulting from the many billions of dollars left-wing governments—including now the United States under Joe Biden—throw […]

NOAA Gets Caught Disappearing Inconvenient Tornado Data: Removes webpage showing ‘number of strong tornadoes has declined since the 1970s’ By Paul Homewood For years NOAA have included this page on the tornado section of their website:   One of the main difficulties with tornado records is that a tornado, or evidence of a tornado must have been observed. Unlike rainfall or temperature, which may be measured by a fixed instrument, tornadoes are […]

Activists Claim climate change causing ‘Global Stilling’ (slowing wind speeds) – But they previously claimed climate will cause faster wind speeds by K. Walker And Jeff Dunetz ParlerFacebookTwitterFlipboard The far-left Gaia worshippers say that the “Climate Crisis” is responsible for floods, droughts, forest fires, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions. A longer list of crazy things blamed on climate change is at the end of this post. Their latest crazy belief is that their unproven hypothesis caused […]