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Dismissing Uygur Genocide, Kerry Puts Climate Change First In Dealing With China


When it comes to global warming and stopping what is amounting to genocide in China, the Biden administration is looking to focus on global warming.

The Biden White House wants to work with our chief economic and military rival on tackling this issue. COVID might very well have come from a lab in Wuhan.

And we’re going to do this with them. Why? Why trust China on anything, especially since everyone knows that coal power is what keeps their economy going. It’s kept our economy going as well.


And the fact that China literally slapped around Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Anchorage at the outset of this presidency was a harbinger of things to come it would seem. Why can’t we tackle global warming and not the Uyghur genocide at the same time?

Well, I bet China said if we even moved a little on it—they would nix cooperation on this global warming initiative. Frankly, that’s actually a question for next time since Katie wrote how China doesn’t want to work with us on…anything right now.


So, how did John Kerry, our climate czar, react to when Bloomberg asked about this.

Well, life is full of hard choices. That’s what he said. This pretty much amounts to ‘hey, s&^t happens.’

By recognizing it as genocide, we would be forced to deal with this issue first, and not climate change, per international law. We’re part of the international convention to prevent and punish genocide.

It’s why we said “acts of genocide” are occurring in Rwanda, stopping short of officially declaring what was going on because Mogadishu had happened a year prior, and the Clinton administration didn’t want another fiasco abroad.

And again, it would piss off Beijing. So, act like all is well with the Uyghurs to get that climate stuff done is what we’re going to attempt.

It’s all a show.

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