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2016 study by 32 authors from 24 institutions in 8 countries found a 14% increase in green vegetation over 30 years – 70% of this increase to the extra CO2 in the atmosphere

In 2016 a paper was published by 32 authors from 24 institutions in 8 countries that analyzed satellite data and concluded that there had been a roughly 14% increase in green vegetation over 30 years. Full article: — (@HumanProgress) September 16, 2021 Ridley: Rejoice, the Earth Is Becoming Greener By […]

Al Gore’s Climate TRACE finds vast undercounts of CO2 emissions by industry – Gore’s CO2 tracing seeks to make ‘more enforceable climate agreements’ by giving the ‘UN actionable intelligence to track & crack down on polluters’ By Andrew Freedman A high-tech independent effort to track greenhouse gas emissions from every country, industrial facility and power plant announced its first results on Monday. Why it matters: Climate TRACE utilizes satellite data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to determine greenhouse gas emissions globally. It aims usher in an era of “radical transparency” and a […]

They Were Joe Biden’s Climate Allies. Now They’re His Critics: ‘Activists are still waiting for Biden to treat climate change like the crisis he says it is’ By RYAN BORT Excerpt: Biden’s reticence to say no to fossil fuels is especially disappointing to activists given his early focus on combating the climate crisis. He campaigned on a $2 trillion jobs-centric climate package. The day he was inaugurated, he signed executive orders setting ambitious energy goals, rejoined the Paris Agreement, and canceled the […]

We’re saved! New outlet backed by Bill Gates will tackle climate change By Sara Fischer An energy coalition launched by Bill Gates is backing a new publication called “Cipher” dedicated to the coverage of the climate crisis, its new editor tells Axios. Why it matters: The outlet promises to have complete editorial independence from its backer, Breakthrough Energy, a six-year-old climate advocacy network founded by Bill Gates. […]

Fast Company Mag: Using toilet paper has a ‘devastating impact’ on climate change – TP ‘destroying forests that pull carbon from the atmosphere’ Toilet paper really is terrible for the planet. Here’s what you can do about it Are you concerned about the devastating impact of climate change? Take a closer look at your toilet paper. A new report from the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) reveals that the biggest toilet paper brands on the market—like Charmin, […]

Scientists Find ‘Surprising’ And ‘Statistically Significant’ Cooling Trend Over Entire Continental Antarctica over past 40 years By P Gosselin East Antarctica, which covers two thirds of the South Pole, has cooled a whopping 2.8°C over the past 4 decades; West Antarctica approximately 1.6″C. ..only tiny Antarctic Peninsula saw statistically insignificant warming. German climate website Die kalte Sonne posted its 64th climate video here and examined a new paper on Antarctica by Zhu […]