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Data shows Louisiana Hurricanes are not dumping more rain because of ‘global warming’


Do Hurricanes Dump More Rain Nowadays?


Do Hurricanes Dump More Rain Nowadays?

By Paul Homewood

One common claim about hurricanes and tropical storms is that they are now dumping more rain because of global warming. However such claims never seem to be backed up by actual data.

David Roth of the National Weather Service published a detailed history of Louisiana hurricanes in 2010, and listed the ten highest daily rainfalls reported from tropical cyclones there:



Clearly there is no evidence from this list that rainfall is becoming more extreme.

We can also check out daily rainfall data from KNMI for New Orleans and the nearby town of Reserve, which have measurements back to 1893 and 1901. Obviously this covers all days, not just TCs, but again there is nothing extreme about recent years at either location.