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NBC News claims model-based study has ‘removed almost all doubt from human-made climate change’ – Meteorologist Joe Bastardi debunks – Notes the ‘astounding lack of questioning of this latest ‘proof’ By Joe Bastardi | So lets read this: Marc Morano sent me this, as he probably sensed I was in a relaxed mood and was concerned my blood pressure might be too low. But this is getting near and dear to my heart as the article is talking about the oceans. First of all, I […]

Infrastructure Bill Would Require Alcohol Monitors for All New Cars By Joseph Simonson and Jack McEvoy  The bipartisan infrastructure bill includes a provision that would require auto manufacturers to equip “advanced alcohol monitoring systems” in all new cars. Buried in the massive proposal—which is already longer than 2,700 pages—is a section titled, “ADVANCED IMPAIRED DRIVING TECHNOLOGY,” which mandates new vehicles include “a system that … […]

Your CO2-laden breath is killing people…science says so! STUDY: ‘Three Americans create enough carbon emissions to kill one person’ – Claim: ‘For every 4,434 metric tons of CO2 produced, one person globally will die’

UK Guardian: “The lifestyles of around three average Americans will create enough planet-heating emissions to kill one person…according to the first analysis to calculate the mortal cost of carbon emissions.” … “The new research builds upon what is known as the ‘social cost of carbon’, a monetary figure placed upon the damage caused by each […]

HEARTLAND INSTITUTE RESPONDS TO FAKE NEWS ABOUT ITS FUNDING By Jim Lakely As is common, the activist (as well as the leftist outlet Slate) lied about The Heartland Institute’s work and its relationship with Exxon. The July 13, 2021 article in Slate titled “Not Too Slick: How Exxon Mobil exposed itself on tape outlines a “sting” operation carried out by a Greenpeace U.K. member […]

Analysis: Pennsylvania’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Relies on Faulty DataWhy RGGI is a “solution in search of a problem” Background The CO2 Coalition is a national organization made up of nearly 70 top scientists bringing honesty to climate science. This report is based principally on the work of Gregory Wrightstone, geologist, CO2 Coalition Executive Director and Expert Reviewer for the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; Dr. Patrick J. Michaels, Senior Fellow for the […]

Mark Steyn on Obama’s planned birthday bash with 500 plus guests: Social Distancing Is for the Little People Mark returned to America’s Number One cable show for a rare Monday appearance with Tucker, all about Barack Obama’s upcoming birthday party for 500 people, attended by 200 servants, at his oligarch-sized pad on Martha’s Vineyard. Click below to watch:     Update: CANCELLED! Obama Significantly Scales Back 60th Birthday Party as Virus […]

Meteorologist Cliff Mass faces ire of climate establishment by rejecting heatwave climate connection Seattle meteorologist Cliff Mass sparks controversy by diving into heat wave climate science By Hal Bernton Seattle Times staff reporter On Thursday, June 24, as the Northwest’s record-shattering heat wave approached, Cliff Mass posted a forecast he found hard to believe. By Monday, temperatures near the western Cascades foothills would exceed […]

Gratitude for C02: It Continues to Feed the World – ‘Record harvests’ continue By Vijay Jayaraj Many of us living in cities of advanced economies are ignorant of environmental factors critical to producing crops that maintain global food security. The mainstream media have not helped either. Instead of informing people about realities of the agricultural sector, the media function as climate catastrophists. However, contrary to […]

‘If science contradicted the goals of communism, it wasn’t science’ – America has become its own worst enemy: ‘Like the Soviet Union, the US is dying from despair’ By Ed West – the Senior Editor of UnHerd. His book Tory Boy is published by Constable Excerpts: Today America’s thought-leaders are obsessed with white nationalism and regularly denounce white supremacy as a lethal danger to the nation, in what is probably history’s least ever white supremacist country; a country in which the majority  is officially […]