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Fear Forever: If You Liked COVID Science, You’ll Love Climate Change Science   By Henry Payne Detroit– In the wake of the Miami condo collapse June 29, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm suggested that rising seas caused by human-induced climate change was responsible. Citing her years of experience as Michigan governor from 2003-2011, she said she’d seen the same phenomenon in the Great Lakes. “Michigan, where […]

Hill Op-Ed Cites 9/11 Attacks to Insist NATO Invoke Art. 5 over ‘Climate Change’ – Urge NATO to ‘consider climate change as a full-fledged assault on our communities, nations and planet’   By Joseph Vazquez The Hill seems willing to publish almost anything if it stinks of the eco-nuttiness of the hard left, even if it involves comparing the hyped-up threats of climate change to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The outlet published a bonkers op-ed headlined, “Climate change is a unifying threat — NATO should […]

The Masking of America: Faceless people make compliant subjects, not good citizens The Masking of America Faceless people make compliant subjects, not good citizens. by Jeffrey H. Anderson Jeffrey H. Anderson served as director of the Bureau of Justice Statistics at the U.S. Department of Justice from 2017 to 2021. Excerpts:  We should never fully return to our maskless society where only health care providers donned […]