These alarmists in freedom’s clothing operate like the so-called “Lincoln Project.” They shamelessly parrot the Left and advance its agenda.

CFACT and the Heartland Institute took on two of them, the American Conservation Coalition (ACC) and C3, in a debate at FreedomFest in South Dakota.

CFACT exposes climate Quislings at FreedomFest 1

CFACT’s Marc Morano floored ACC President Benji Backer when he said, “we have to go to the heart of this, and the heart of this is what Benji said, ‘there’s no debate of this among young people.’ Well gee, what should we do then? I guess we’ll just agree and come up with our own ‘conservative’ solutions? No! There’s a reason young people are so indoctrinated into climate fear. It’s because the old people for 30 years have never shown a concern for climate. All of a sudden, the climate activists got real and said ‘let’s go after the young people, they’re more gullible.’ And that’s how they were able to convince a whole generation of young people that climate is a problem… My biggest concern is Benji sat beside Greta Thunberg at a Congressional hearing in 2019. He turned to Greta and thanked her for raising awareness to the climate issue for young people across the world. To me that was horrific. Greta Thunberg has done more to instill alarm in young people with scientific nonsense than any person in the world.”

You can hear the cheer this brought forth from the audience on the video we posted at YouTube.

Phony conservative / libertarian climate groups like ACC and C3 abandon sound science and pitch the Left’s propaganda, for instance falsely attributing natural, historically normal weather events to global warming.

Don’t be fooled by ACC, C3, or anyone else who tries to tell you the Left’s climate agenda is scientifically sound, or compatible with American values of individual freedom and limited government.