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‘Puritans of the Green Deal’ promote ‘unworkable utopia’ – ‘For the first time since it began, the EU’s agenda is to impoverish Europeans’

Will the Green Deal destroy the EU’s destiny?

by Alexander Tomský

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the communist empire, the West has been pushing two ideologies that normal everyday people cannot believe and wonder how it is even possible that they are promulgated by educated people, at least in the sense of people with university degrees. Few suspect that this is a hidden disease of the speculative intellect.

One proposes to build a new hierarchy of social and societal justice (equality), multiracial and multigender (LGBTQ+) minorities. The majority, silenced and intimidated by political correctness and egalitarian legislation, will hopefully sooner or later reject the new political religion; accusations of transphobia, innate white racism, and the enforcement of consent that there are no substantive differences between men and women are not sustainable in the long run.

The latter ideology, which has also found a home in the European Union, will have an economic impact. For the first time since its foundation, the Union has an agenda to impoverish Europeans, and it makes no secret of it. According to The Economist, which quotes enthusiastic Eurocrats, the “Green Deal” is nothing less than a painful revolution that will fundamentally change the lifestyles of Europeans, securing the EU’s place in the world (presumably an honourable one) and purpose for a generation.

Why do we need another deal? So far, the Eurocrats have pretended that everything they do increases Europe’s prosperity. The single currency was supposed to reduce the transaction costs of fluctuating national currencies and the risk of investment, and while it has done so, it has caused and is still causing astronomical damage to the southern states of the Union. The single market also brought great benefits initially, but through continued integration and bureaucratisation it has long lost momentum and the EU’s share of the world economy is declining. The most the EU can do for itself is to charge the same tariff for telephone calls.

However, the energy and climate revolution promoted here last week by EU Vice-President Frans Timmermans is a truly insane and costly road to nowhere in economic terms, an “oo-topos”, as the ancient Greeks used to call an unworkable utopia. Rebuilding the power grid, replacing gas boilers and cookers, producing green electricity for all vehicles simply cannot be done.

Jan Macek, a professor of power engineering at the Czech Technical University, says that just charging 20 million cars at night would mean the power of four and a half Temelíns [T. is the newer Czech nuclear power plant, 2.168 GW in total]. Renewable energy is not enough for such a thing. And so fossil fuels will be taxed, internal combustion engines will be banned (2035), building heating and carbon allowances will become more expensive. And especially cement and steel. Housing for the younger generation will be even more unaffordable than today. Agro-industry shall be organic and meat shall be expensive. A carbon tariff will be introduced, this will occur in order to prevent our overpriced organic industry from collapsing. India and Australia are already complaining about the European protectionism.

Given the scarcity of precious and even those not so precious metals for batteries, electric cars will become increasingly expensive to produce. One English engineer has calculated the full cost of the unattainable electrification of homes and cars and remarked, uncomprehendingly, that drastic reductions in living standards make no sense, since Britain emits only one per cent of the world’s emissions. He seems not to have understood that the Puritans of the Green Deal intend above all to reduce the consumption, rampant consumerism, and free lifestyle of Europeans. If they really believed we would be baked in twenty years’ time, they would be promoting nuclear power stations. If their crusade succeeds, cars, meat, and seaside holidays will be for the rich, just as they were a hundred years ago.