Watch: Davos Depopulation & Climate Crisis Talk is Disturbing & Inaccurate

The Davos set are depopulationists. Watch out! — Friends of Science (@FriendsOScience) July 17, 2021 Friends of Science The World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos concluded leaving some commentators concerned about depopulation talk from high profile individuals like Jane Goodall, misinterpreted IPCC SR1.5 findings by Greta Thunberg, and talk of doomsday battles by Al […]

Bernie Sanders: We Will Spend Billions On A ‘Civilian Climate Corp’ Mr Producer Media Rumble — Sen Bernie Sanders: “And I’m excited about this, we’re gonna put tens of billions of dollars into a Civilian Climate Corps. And essentially way that means is we’re gonna have hundreds of thousands of young people get actively involved in the fight to transform our energy system. And they […]

NYT claims ‘no one is safe’ from extreme weather: Dr. Pielke responds: ‘I can’t get over how egregiously wrong this NYT article is’ – People ‘have never in all of history been more safe in the face of weather & climate extremes’

I can’t get over how egregiously wrong this NYT article is Vulnerability to weather extremes is currently lower than it has ever been – in rich and poor countries — ever! This is one of the most significant science, technology & policy success stories of the past century👍 — The Honest Broker (@RogerPielkeJr) July […]

‘Glimpse of the future’ goes bust: Philadelphia’s entire electric bus fleet has disappeared – $24 million squandered as 25 low CO2 buses now deemed unusable BY JAZZ SHAW Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is one of the deep-blue cities that’s been priding itself in leading the charge against climate change for years now. Back in 2016, they decided to establish a position as an early adopter of electric vehicle technology on a large scale to reduce their carbon footprint. The […]

Biden orders return to low-flow showers, nixes Trump reprieve from environmentalist showerhead rules WASHINGTON (AP) — So much for Donald Trump’s quest for “perfect” hair. President Joe Biden’s administration is reversing a Trump-era rule approved after the former president complained he wasn’t getting wet enough because of limits on water flow from showerheads. Now, with a new president in office, the Energy Department is going back to a […]