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Arnold’s moment of clarity: Schwarzenegger Slams Climate Fears: ‘Constant alarm cannot be sustained…there is no hope…is it any wonder people are confused & tuned out?’

By Craig Bannister

Environmentalists’ constant hyperbolic predictions of apocalyptic doom have left the public tuned out and resigned, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger told his fellow climate warriors at the Austrian World Summit in Vienna on Thursday.

“No one is going to invest huge sums of money in a movie where there is no hope,” Schwarzenegger said, warning that people won’t invest in the climate movement if they are bombarded with nothing but messages of doom – ranging from famine and war to human extinction:

“Well, let me just tell you something about the movie business: no one is going to invest huge sums of money in a movie where there is no hope. Yet, frequently, I hear environmentalists talking about the existential threat of climate change, the existential threat we are going to be eliminated.

“And what does the public hear: the icebergs are melting, the rainforests are burning, the coral reefs are dying, the polar bears are starving, our cities will be flooded, and our farms will dry up and our coastlines will wiped out and there will be famine and starvation and people will be fleeing the heat and the rising water and there will be wars – and, by the way, don’t use fossil fuels, don’t use plastic, don’t eat meat.

“So, those are kind of things that we hear. Now, of course, I am exaggerating here

“But, is it any wonder that people are confused and tuned out? This move doesn’t have a storyline, except constant alarm which cannot be sustained.”