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WATCH: Eating less meat won’t ‘save the planet’

This video from YouTuber What I’ve Learned, released in April this year, is the best argument against the common opinion that reducing meat production/consumption would be a) good for the planet, and b) result in more land to grow crops.

It made such a big impact when it was first released that several videos/articles have been produced attempting to “debunk” it (Note “debunk”, not “refute”, a clear sign of the mindset of those involved). The creator, in turn, made a good and thorough response to those “debunkings” here.

All in all, whether you agree with all his opinions and interpretations or not, it’s good to hear someone at least attempting to take a rational approach to this topic, instead of mindlessly repeating media memes that defy common sense.

The five main points of the video are:

  1. The proposed effects on GHG emissions if people went meatless are overblown.
  2. The claims about livestock’s water usage are misleading.
  3. The claims about livestock’s usage of human edible feed are overblown.
  4. The claims about livestock’s land use are misleading.
  5. We should be fixing food waste, not trying to cut meat out of the equation.

Each point is clearly explained, supported with statistics and argued rationally. He even provides a PDF listed all his sources (here). It’s exactly the kind of discourse the world needs more of, on every subject.