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Keystone XL Oil Project Abandoned by Developer By Timothy Puko and Vipal MongaUpdated June 9, 2021 6:10 pm ETSHARETEXTCanada’s TC Energy Corp. and the Albertan provincial government said Wednesday they would scuttle the Keystone XL oil pipeline project, bringing to an end a yearslong controversy over an effort to pipe more Canadian crude to the U.S. The decision had been expected […]

Politico: Sunrise Movement warns of ‘a death sentence for our generation’ as Biden fails to enact climate agenda – Activists go full ‘public freakout mode’

  Subscription Required: Biden pitched a bold climate vision. He may be watching it die in Congress BY MICHAEL GRUNWALD President Joe Biden clearly wants to be a climate president. He’s set ambitious climate targets. He’s assembled a team of passionate climate wonks and activists . He’s announced a “whole of government approach” to the climate crisis, […]

Environments oppose — all forms of energy?! ‘Green groups against renewable energy’ EDITORIAL: Green groups against renewable energy Environmentalists oppose more than just fossil fuel development. Las Vegas Review-Journal June 8, 2021 – 9:01 pm It’s become apparent that radical environmentalists aren’t just waging war on fossil fuels, they’re against virtually any energy development at all. This deserves more attention, particularly given the rush by Democrats […]

The COVID Climate Connection: Unified media declare It’s time to ‘flatten the curve’ — for climate change

Sampling of articles from May 2020: (Also see: Flashback: The ‘Great Reset’: Rule by Unelected ‘Experts’ – COVID-Climate Technocracy has arrived – ‘The danger of letting lab coats run the world’ & Flashback: ‘Fantastic’ for the climate: Activists See Coronavirus Lockdowns As A Dress Rehearsal for ‘Climate Emergency’) # Flatten The Climate Curve Leaders should […]