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David Attenborough calls climate change ‘a crime’ committed against the planet

By Nicole Lyn Pesce
The naturalist discusses his Netflix film ‘A Life On Our Planet’ in a new interview

British broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough addresses climate change. CHRIS J RATCLIFFE/GETTY IMAGES
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Naturalist and “Planet Earth” narrator Sir David Attenborough says that his new Netflix film isn’t just a documentary — it’s a witness statement.

“A crime has been committed,” said Attenborough, 95, in a “60 Minutes” interview with Anderson Cooper on Sunday. “And it so happens that, I’m of such an age, that I was able to see it beginning.”

“Even the biggest and most awful things that humanity has done, so-called civilizations have done, pale to significance when you think of what could be around the corner, unless we pull ourselves together.” — David Attenborough
In his upcoming Netflix NFLX, -0.02% film, “A Life On Our Planet,” the legendary BBC broadcaster warns that human beings have overrun the world and sent the Earth into a “decline.”