BBC’s latest ludicrous climate scare: Climate Change ‘To Impair’ Olympic Athletes

Climate Change To Impair Olympic Athletes
NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT / by Paul Homewood / 2d
By Paul Homewood


h/t Ian Magness


The BBC’s latest ludicrous climate scare!



The impact of climate change will likely lead to “impaired” performances at the Tokyo Olympics, according to a report backed by leading athletes.

In the report, titled Rings of Fire, it is argued that summer heatwaves in Tokyo during the past three years indicate that conditions will be tough.

Concerns over heat have caused the marathon to be moved from Tokyo.

Professor Mike Tipton said he expects Tokyo to be the most “thermally stressful Olympics” of recent times.

The University of Portsmouth professor helped to produce the report, which was backed by athletes, the British Association for Sustainability in Sport (Basis) and scientists from the Priestley International Centre for Climate at Leeds University.

He told BBC Sport: “The take-home message is you’ve probably got to move the Olympics to a different time of the year rather than a different geographical location or time of the day and I think that’s something, going forward, the International Olympic Committee will have to start considering.

“I would be fairly confident to say that performances will be impaired across a lot of sports. The sport as a spectacle will be impaired in terms of the performance level of the people who are doing it.”

In recent years, the Olympics has been held in locations much hotter than Tokyo:

Games July Average
Held High Temp C
Tokyo 2021 29.9
Los Angeles 1984 34.2
Atlanta 1996 36.0
Athens 2004 32.2

I don’t recall the climate clowns making any comments back then, and there were plenty of Olympic records set at all of those games so there does not appear to have been any impairment.

If the clothead professor had actually done a bit of research, he might have known that the 1964 Games in Tokyo were put on in October to avoid the midsummer heat. The previous games in Rome also experienced hot weather; unsurprising given that average highs get to 31.7C in August, much higher than they do now in Tokyo.