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BARACK OBAMA SUGGESTS HUMANS COULD BE EXTINCT IN A HUNDRED YEARS DUE TO CLIMATE CHANGE by DAN ROBITZSKI If we don’t start to take urgent action to prevent the worst impacts of climate change today, then we may experience the end of our species within a century, former President Barack Obama said in a new interview. Obama made the argument in a wide-ranging chat, on The New York Times‘ podcast The […]

The Wuhan Lab Leak & the Greens’ Favored COVID Story Line – ‘Spurious green narrative blamed modern society’s encroachment on natural world’ By Rupert Darwall June 01, 2021 President Biden’s decision to order the intelligence community to report on the origins of the virus that caused the Covid-19 pandemic means that the lab-escape scenario can no longer be dismissed as a conspiracy theory. The longer that investigations failed to find evidence of the politically favored zoonotic-transmission route, the […]

Surprising sea ice thickness across the Arctic is good news for polar bears   Surprising sea ice thickness across the Arctic is good news for polar bears This year near the end of May the distribution of thickest sea ice (3.5-5m/11.5-16.4 ft – or more) is a bit surprising, given that the WMO has suggested we may be only five years away from a “dangerous tipping point” in […]

Biden Administration Supports Oil, Mining Projects Backed by Trump By Timothy Puko WASHINGTON—Biden administration lawyers are defending oil and mining projects approved under the Trump administration, benefiting ConocoPhillips, Rio Tinto PLC, BHP Group Ltd. and others at the expense of environmental and tribal groups challenging the projects. In a series of court arguments this spring, the administration has supported the Willow oil project in Alaska, the Resolution […]

Biden’s Interior Secretary Haaland blocks drilling leases in Alaska By JAZZ SHAW When Joe Biden took office on January 20th, one of his first actions was to sign an executive order issuing a moratorium on new federal drilling permits for oil and gas exploration. This was done despite Biden’s continual statements – or perhaps we should just say lies – on the campaign […]

GAS STRIKE: ACTIVISTS WITHHOLD UTILITY BILL PAYMENTS TO PROTEST NATIONAL GRID PIPELINE – ‘We will not pay for…racist, dirty…fracked gas pipeline’ By Kevin Duggan Environmentalist launched a gas bill strike Tuesday, pledging to withhold money from their monthly utilities in protest of National Grid’s controversial pipeline project beneath the streets of Brooklyn. “We will not pay for National Grid’s racist, dirty, North Brooklyn fracked gas pipeline. We will not pay for our communities and […]

Fact-checking the Fact-checkers: What Climate Feedback gets wrong in its attempted takedown of CO2 Coalition commentary By Gregory Wrightstone On Earth Day this year, the Washington Times published an op-ed that I wrote titled “There is no climate emergency – We love CO2 and so should you.” Not long after publication, the paper’s Facebook post on the commentary was labeled “false and misleading” and their ad for it was rejected. […]

Geologist: ‘There is no climate emergency’ – ‘We love CO2 and so should you’ By Gregory Wrightstone – Wednesday, April 21, 2021 ANALYSIS/OPINION: The science and data strongly support that our planet’s ecosystems are thriving and that humanity is benefiting from modestly increasing temperature and an increase in carbon dioxide. These facts refute the claim that Earth is spiraling into one man-made climate catastrophe after another. Carbon dioxide […]