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‘This quite simply is fraud’: Claim: Thousands of people in the UK have already died because of global warming – Ignores larger number of deaths from cold weather

By Paul Homewood

This quite simply is fraud:



Well over 5,500 people in the UK have died from heat-related deaths as a result of climate change in less than three decades, according to a new study.

Researchers estimate that one in three deaths in which heat has played a role can be attributed to global warming, which has increased the underlying temperature by 1C since the industrial revolution.

Researchers estimate that 82 people a year in London died from climate-change heat between 1991 and 2018 – giving a total of 2,214 deaths over 27 years.

Meanwhile, the West Midlands had 20 such deaths a year, Manchester 16, and Bristol and Liverpool 4 each, according to a global study by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.

This included analysis of the death statistics for the 70 UK populations greater than 100,000 – and found that they have collectively seen 211 climate change heat deaths a year over the 27 years.

This makes a total of 5,697 for the period, with the true number across the whole country likely to be much higher.



Paul Homewood comments: 

Even if the claims of heat-related deaths is correct, there is no mention in the article or the press release whatsoever about the number of cold-related deaths, which number in the tens of thousands each year.


Figure 1 The five-year moving average increased for the third consecutive year

And significantly the senior author, Antonio Gasparrini, himself confirmed that cold kills more than heat throughout the world in another paper back in 2015:


So why does this new study not show how many other lives might be saved from a warmer climate?

The new lot of claims about heat-related deaths are in any case junk. In the UK, for instance, they claim 5500 deaths over three decades, just 183 a year. Are they really saying they can state this figure with any degree of certainty when about 600,000 die every year? Of course not.

Needless to say their numbers are the product of computer models, which have no relation with reality.

But the long list of funders, including the NERC and the EU Horizon Project  no doubt got the headlines they wanted.