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‘Experts’: Risk of brain-eating amoeba, flesh-eating bacteria may increase due to climate change By Julia Jacobo The sweltering summer heat may send swimmers diving head-first into the nearest body of water, but climate change may contribute to life-threatening risks for swimmers as waterborne pathogens thrive and multiply faster in increasingly warming waters, experts said. Scientists are becoming increasingly concerned about the possibility for dangerous pathogens, such as Naegleria fowleri, […]

Why single-use face masks are polluting global environment – An ‘estimated 1.56 billion face masks entered our ocean in 2020 7News Health Reporter Victoria Sanchez began documenting discarded personal protective equipment (PPE) in early 2020. Face masks, rubber gloves, and sanitizing wipes are lightweight and would blow across parking lots, get stuck in trees and end up in storm drains. Conservation and wildlife activist group OceansAsia is known to collect and document plastic […]

Climate Champion Bernie Sanders Demands Ridiculously Cold Air Conditioning of 60 degrees F By VICTOR TANGERMANN Senator Bernie Sanders like his hotel rooms cold. Really cold. According to excerpts of a new book detailing the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates by The Atlantic staff writer Edward-Isaac Dovere, Sanders preferred ultra-low temperatures of just 60 degrees Fahrenheit — even if that required aides to keep windows open for […]

NY Times: Air travel is a big climate problem with no good solution (except to stop flying) – ‘It’s a big crisis, it’s a pressing crisis’ BY JOHN SEXTON Remember way back in February of 2019 when AOC helped launch the Green New Deal? Along with the resolution itself, her office also handed out copies of a GND FAQ which said some pretty wild things about support for people “unwilling to work” and about expanding high-speed rail to […]