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Biden adviser Gina McCarthy calls it ‘ridiculous’ to push climate sacrifice now By Mike Allen, author of AM On “Axios on HBO,” White House national climate adviser Gina McCarthy called for a practical rather than idealistic approach to getting Americans to change their routines to save the planet. McCarthy told me that with all the lost jobs, “Now is not the time to sit them down […]

Ivy League Professors Push Biden Admin for ‘Climate Visas’ for Central Americans as path to citizenship – Demand millions of ‘climate refugees’ be brought to U.S. By Ben Zeisloft | Campus Reform Wednesday, May 26, 2021 Harvard and Yale University professors are advising President Biden to create a “climate visa” and pursue other policies to help Central Americans deal with purported fallout from climate change. The 90-page report — created in conjunction with the University Network for Human Rights — argues that climate […]

Michael Shellenberger debunks Malthusian claims – ‘Fear-monger about scarcity so they can create scarcity’ By Michael Shellenberger You, a person who lied, stole, and forged documents are trying censor an ethical scientist because he disagrees with you… Why? Because you believe debunked & unethical Malthusian claims that there’s not enough resources for universal prosperity Scientist Peter Gleick admits he lied to get climate documentsScientist Peter Gleick […]

CFACT launches counter punch to Big Business’ leftward lurch By Adam Houser For decades, big corporations were the liberals’ favorite boogeymen. They were vilified in the media, by Hollywood, and by liberal politicians. How the times have changed! Nowadays, corporate America can’t seem to run toward leftist policies fast enough. If you turn on the television or watch any YouTube video, […]

Cicadian rhythm: Reuters claims ‘global warming’ could ‘permanently change’ 17-year cicadas into a 13-year cycle’       Getting up close with cicadas to find climate change clues   Excerpt: With air temperatures and surface soils warming from climate change, scientists are also keen to learn how the creatures are responding. Temperatures affect when cicadas emerge and their underground growth. Scientists witnessed large numbers of 17-year cicadas surface years […]

Republican Treasurers Finally Decide to Fight Fire With Fire on ‘climate change’ – Warn banks — Drop coal, and we drop you than a dozen Republican state treasurers are threatening to pull assets from large financial institutions if they agree to decarbonize their lending and investment portfolios, Axios has learned. Why it matters: The Biden administration — led by special presidential climate envoy John Kerry — has leaned on the banks to help reduce U.S. […]

National Geographic: ‘SHOULD WE WORRY ABOUT POPULATION DECLINE?’ By Robert Kunzig, ENVIRONMENT Executive EditorWhich are you more worried about, population growth or population decline? Or do you prefer to freak out about both at the same time?The recent Census Bureau report that the U.S. population grew in the last decade at the slowest pace since the Great Depression triggered a slew of concerned […]

Claim: ‘Research suggests climate change could lead to more stillbirths’ May 24, 2021 Source: University of Queensland Summary: Scientists are investigating whether rising global temperatures may lead to more stillbirths, saying further study is needed on the subject as climates change. Scientists are investigating whether rising global temperatures may lead to more stillbirths, saying further study is needed on the subject as […]

The IEA’s Plan to Destroy Freedom & Save the Planet By Wesley J. Smith If you liked gas lines after the Colonial Pipeline was shut down by a hacking—or if the rolling blackouts last summer in California were your idea of fun—you will love what the international global warming warriors at the International Energy Agency have planned for us. The agency is […]

Surfaced Emails Show Biden’s Back Door Climate Plan The Biden-Harris regime is plunging further into Totalitarianism this week as emails have revealed that they are prepared to enact DEVASTATING environmental regulations bringing the Green New Deal agenda to life without Congress. Many are calling it Biden’s “Back Door Climate Plan”, the White House calls it “a Clean Energy Revolution & Environmental Justice” […]