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Landmark study casts doubt on controversial theory linking melting Arctic to severe winter weather By Paul Voosen Every time severe winter weather strikes the United States or Europe, reporters are fond of saying that global warming may be to blame. The paradox goes like this: As Arctic sea ice melts and the polar atmosphere warms, the swirling winds that confine cold Arctic air weaken, letting it […]

‘EXXON-KNEW ACTIVIST’ NAOMI ORESKES ON RETAINER WITH PLAINTIFFS’ LAW FIRM By WILLIAM ALLISON A major bombshell dropped today about the nationally coordinated climate litigation campaign after it was revealed that Naomi Oreskes – the Harvard researcher and well-known “Exxon Knew” activist – is on retainer with Sher Edling, the plaintiffs’ law firm serving as the outside counsel for more than a dozen states and municipalities that have filed climate lawsuits around the […]