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Scientist holds ‘funeral’ for Oregon glacier: ‘Inside the casket was not a body, but a vial of meltwater’ – Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore mocks stunt: ‘Glaciers are not alive’ May 2, 2021: ‘It’s like a rotting carcass of its former self’: funeral for an Oregon glacier By Oliver Milman – UK Guardian Worried researchers hold ceremony for Clark glacier to illustrate how the climate crisis is eroding icepacks ‘It’s like a rotting carcass of its former self’: funeral for an Oregon glacier The […]

Watch: Meteorologist William Kininmonth: Recent global warming has been ‘part of the natural processes’ of climate Retired meteorologist William Kininmonth has told Sky News a “slow steady warming” has been taking place “well before” carbon dioxide started to increase in the atmosphere. Mr Kininmonth said the warming or cooling of the oceans mirrored that of the atmosphere, and the rate of warming has been “about one degree per century […]

Debunked: New Computer Simulated Pine Island Glacier Doomsday Paper By Rosier et al Ignores Lots Of Science   By P Gosselin A recent paper announcing Pine Island Glacier doom failed to consider other findings showing the glacier is in fact more stable than assumed.  A new paper by Rosier et al concludes – based on model simulations – that the Pine Island, West Antarctica, glacier may have already surpassed one of the […]

‘Woke word salad’: AOC now claims ‘trampling of racial justice is a cause of climate change’ By Lee Brown Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is now blaming “racial injustice” for the climate crisis. “The climate crisis is a crisis born of injustice, and it is a crisis born of the pursuit of profit at any and all human and ecological cost,” the New York Democrat said Tuesday as she again pushed the […]

Warren Buffett sinks climate measure, says world will adapt

Warren Buffett helped to defeat a shareholder resolution that urged his sprawling conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway to inform investors of the risks it faces from climate change. He also offered a full-throated defense of the oil and gas industry. — E&E News (@EENewsUpdates) May 3, 2021   Warren Buffett sinks climate measure, says […]

Joe Bastardi: Was Bill Nye’s death wish for climate realists a veiled call to violence? By Joe Bastardi |May 3rd, 2021|Climate, General Information|14 Comments Lets play the “Good for the Goose, Good for the Gander Game and as per my last article, take them at their words. We have all heard over and over again how Trump incited people to violence with his rhetoric. Yet, how is this not the same […]

Prof. Roger Pielke Jr. urges investigation into ‘revolving door between climate science & policy & private sector climate services’ – ‘Promote implausible scenarios & keep bad science going’

There is an interesting investigative journalism project to be done on the revolving door between climate science & policy and private sector climate services Just as one example, John Kerry's predecessor as "climate envoy" co-founded a consulting firm that feeds off of RCP8.5 — The Honest Broker (@RogerPielkeJr) April 28, 2021 Observing the monetization […]

EU deputy warns our children face wars over food & water – Says older people need to make sacrifices to protect the future

“Older people will have to make sacrifices in the fight against climate change or today’s children will face a future of fighting wars for water and food, the EU’s deputy chief has warned.” — David Wallace-Wells (@dwallacewells) April 30, 2021 By Fiona Harvey Older people will have to make sacrifices in the […]

Already, 61% of green ‘planetary collapse’ forecasts have failed – ‘Apocalypse is always a shade over 20 years away’ By Rupert Darwall Real Clear Energy A puzzle of contemporary society is the broad acceptance by young people – Millennials and Generation Z – of their lot. True, they haven’t been conscripted to fight an inglorious war as the early Baby Boomers were in Vietnam. But in many other respects, they have strong […]