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Epoch Times: Biden’s 2030 Carbon (Dioxide) Goal Will Fail—and Bankrupt America By Jason Isaac -The Honorable Jason Isaac is Director of Life:Powered. He previously served four terms in the Texas House of Representatives. President Biden followed his raft of heavy-handed climate executive orders by announcing his loftiest goal yet: slashing U.S. carbon dioxide emissions in half by the end of the decade. Biden’s ambitious climate […]

The climate cartel 💰 foists ‘National Climate Bank’ on America – An ‘environmentally pointless slush fund for green energy projects’

The climate cartel 💰 Jason Isaac: “Restricting financing to American energy producers based on political whims kills good-paying jobs, increases our cost of living, and reduces the capital available to invest in the energy technologies of the future—while giving a leg up to less responsible energy producers. The less energy the United States is free […]