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Psychiatric Times goes full climate woke? Psychoanalyst links ‘racism & climate change with unconscious primitive narcissistic states’

Introducing a New Series: Racism and Climate Change

Excerpts:  Just as we have plundered the earth with willful disregard for the consequences, we have discounted the suffering of those who are most affected by climate ravages. Primarily, psychic defenses must minimize the suffering of people of color and keep our minds in a detached, distorted, intellectualized sphere. The false belief that African Americans do not experience pain in the same way that Whites do is an example of this psychic distortion. …

… Psychoanalyst Donna Orange, PhD, PsyD, has linked racism and climate change with unconscious primitive narcissistic states.10,11 She describes these processes as states of “exaggerated entitlement,” reflecting attitudes of cultural superiority. The psychic states of denial and disavowal (knowing facts about climate change but experiencing the self as buffered from impacts) are dependent on this irrational sense of specialness and superiority which, she argues, is rooted in centuries of colonialism and slavery. Orange elaborates that we have been “morally numbed,” which contributes to our failure to deal with the climate crisis in general, and specifically the impacts of climate on communities of color.


P&G’s New Campaign Will Help You Take Simple Steps at Home to Fight Climate Change

Excerpts: Last week, P&G relaunched the It’s Our Home campaign, which tackles climate change through a collective effort between its brands like Crest, Gillette, Tide, Herbal Essences, and more. While the new initiative reaffirms P&G’s commitment to carbon neutrality for the coming decade, it also offers consumers the opportunity to step up for the planet. …

… even small actions at home — like using cold water for laundry, taking shorter showers or turning off the tap while brushing our teeth or shaving, and recycling more — can demonstrate a personal commitment to protecting the planet and lead to enormous change.