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Watch: Mark Steyn discuss wacky world of John Kerry, China & climate lockdowns – Interviews Green Fraud author Marc Morano

John Kerry ‘confident’ he can work with China on climate change; Steyn reacts

Fox News Channel – Fox News Primetime – Mark Steyn interviews Marc Morano – Broadcast April 9, 2021

Mark Steyn: Marc Morano, is the author of Green Fraud: Why the Green New Deal is Even Worse Than You Think.
Full disclosure, I wrote the introduction to the book, but the 300 pages that follow my intro aren’t too shabby. Marc, it’s great to see you.
Great to have that book out: Green Fraud. It’s available now.

Marc Morano: What climate activists have been inspired by lockdowns. And as Jane Fonda said Covid is God’s gift to the left.. They coveted lockdowns. John Kerry is excited specifically because the lockdowns have crushed the economy and now they can rebuild it in a nice green image and that’s what they’re trying to do.

Mark Steyn: “Yeah what’s weird is that the restrictions on liberty are painted as somehow environmentally friendly. I saw some lunatic report on the BBC —  that was my first mistake — switching on the BBC, but they were saying ‘Oh Ireland has managed to reduce its carbon footprint because nobody’s allowed to go more than three miles from their home think how spectacular that would be if we cut it down from three miles from your home uh to a a mile and a quarter.’ I mean this that’s how they’re presenting it

Marc Morano: Yeah. We look at that as insane government overreach, authoritarianism, but the left looks at it as what an opportunity! At first the climate
activists were jealous of the coveted lockdowns. ‘If we can shut down for a virus, we can do the same thing for climate.’ But now they’re inspired by it and we
actually have everyone from Greta Thunberg to United Nations officials to John Kerry himself — he said the parallels are screaming at us between COVID and
climate. Global emissions reduced seven percent during the lockdown and so the UK Guardian, the left-wing newspaper is so inspired they want to lock down every other year and you know what we could meet our UN climate goals if only we did a lockdown every other year according to the paper.


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