Gutfeld Says The Media ‘Would Freak Out’ If Trump Suggested Blocking The Sun To Decrease Climate Change

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Thursday that the media “would freak out” if former President Donald Trump suggested blocking the sun as a means to decrease global warming.

Gutfeld made the comment on Fox News’ “The Five” while discussing a New York Times article that discussed the possibility of blocking the sun in order to cool down the earth and reduce climate change.

“I ask you this, what if this had come out of Trump’s mouth in an interview when a reporter says, ‘President Trump, President Trump how would you reduce global warming?’ He’d look at him and he’d go ‘why not block the sun?’ They would freak out! What are you, nuts? You’re nuts!” Gutfeld said. (RELATED: FLASHBACK: Climate Czar John Kerry Said In 2009 That Arctic Summer Ice Would Disappear In 5 Years)


A prestigious group of scientists called on the U.S. government in March to invest at least $100 million to analyze technology, or what is normally named solar geoengineering, that would artificially lower the Earth’s temperature to decrease climate change, the New York Times reported. Barring sunlight would theoretically prevent the sun from heating up the Earth’s atmosphere, artificially reducing global temperature.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine called for the investment so policymakers can better comprehend choices when responding to the climateaccording to the report’s description. The solar geoengineering methods may cause “an array of unknown or negative consequences,” despite having the possibility of decreasing temperatures across the world.

“No, this is actually in The New York Times and they have solar engineers and experts saying, so actually I am behind this 100%. I’m behind it 100%. I can’t wait,” Gutfeld said.

“I don’t know if it’s that crazy of an idea because you’ve got solar engineers involved and I like engineers, and the thing is it is easier to block the sun than to put sunblock all over the Earth,” Gutfeld said.