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Watch: Morano on Tucker Carlson on Fox News: Biden administration doing stealth Green New Deal & redefining ‘infrastructure’

Tucker Carlson Tonight – Fox News Channel – Broadcast April 1, 2021

Tucker Carlson: Biden’s ‘infrastructure plan’ is not about infrastructure, but you’ll still pay for it – Tucker Carlson’s opening commentary on the April 1, 2021 edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight”


Tucker Carlson: Hyperinflation. Well, we are joined tonight by someone who can assess the environmental parts of this bill, Marc Morano is the author of “Green fraud: Why the green new deal is even worse than you think it is,” a book with a title that sells itself. How much of this bill is geared not toward cleaning up the environment, which we could badly use, but toward this global warming theory they have. How much of it is climate based?

Marc Morano: >> First of all, Jen Psaki was asked today why the infrastructure built is called when it is only 5% of the bill going to infrastructure, the roads and bridges, and her answer this is a once-in-a-lifetime, generation. To answer your question, Tucker, we do not know the exact percentage but we know it will affect things like health care and equity and all sorts of green buildings and changing all of the climate aspects, the green new deal, are being implemented throughout this whole infrastructure bill. They are redefining the word infrastructure to mean climate activity. And this is just — this was part of their plan because Biden is also making every cabinet a climate agency, from State Department to interior to Defense Department, financial institutions, so this bill is just the latest in a round of what they are doing because they learned in 2009, they can’t put a climate agenda straight on the American people with a vote on Capitol Hill. Even when Obama had the House and Senate, they failed to get a carbon tax passed because Democrats opposed it. So they are trying to slip it in. In this stealth way. That is what they have been doing since January.

Tucker Carlson: The two things they wanted war reparations on the green new deal. Both pulled bad with the public, so they rebranded them. Not to be cynical, but no one is cynical and they put a senile guy in the White House. That is what they are doing.

Marc Morano: It is what they are doing. They are still probably going to introduce the Green New Deal at some point. This deal, when you’re talking about roads, look at where the Progressives are, where the Biden administration is on roads. And on transportation. We had Andrew Yang proposing — Democrat candidate now running for mayor of  New York, proposing an end to private car ownership and instead a fleet of roving electric cars. When it comes, talking about zoning, we had Elizabeth Warren proposing no more new home construction unless it was “Zero carbon footprint.” We have UCLA professors saying we should abolish private homeownership because in a climate emergency, it’s just too damaging to the Earth. This is what they are doing now, behind the scenes, where the public can’t see it, is the beginning of all of this. Ultimately, what it is going to do, it is leading to lower economic growth, which you would intuitively think, why would they want to do that? I have to go chapters in the book “Green Fraud,” Tucker, and why they want low economic growth. They love the lockdowns for this reason. They call it degrowth, planned recessions, this is that first step to transfer private equity, private finance into government hands, and this is a big step.

Tucker Carlson: I don’t care about economic growth, I want to live a nice life and I want them out of my neighborhood and stop telling me what to do. This seems like a paragraph to me. I appreciate this. Thank you so much for coming on.

Marc Morano: Thank you, Tucker. Appreciate it.


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