Progressives pressure Biden to pass $10 trillion green infrastructure, climate justice bill – ‘Echoes’ Green New Deal By Megan HenneyFOXBusiness Progressive Democrats are leaning on President Biden to dramatically increase the size of his next big-ticket economic spending bill, unveiling on Monday a new bill that would invest $10 trillion in renewable energy, green infrastructure and climate justice initiatives over the next decade. The measure, known as the Transform, Heal and […]

Climate activist Eric Holthaus: ‘Gun control is a climate issue. Voting rights is a climate issue. Racial justice is a climate issue’ By Eric Holthaus Excerpts:   For the first time in human history, we’re participating in a simultaneous recovery from a global tragedy in real time. After a year of Covid, decades of a climate emergency, and centuries of systematic exploitation of marginalized people we have reached The End. This is The End of life […]

Morano v. Gates: Amazon pressured to cancel ‘Green Fraud’ as book sales dethrone Bill Gates’ ‘Climate Disaster’ book

Order Green Fraud book here: ‘Green Fraud’ dethrones Bill Gates’ ‘Climate Disaster’ book: ‘Green Fraud’ hits Number 1, 2 & 3 in Amazon’s ‘Environmental Policy’ – Pushes Gates’ book to number 4 An Amazon best-selling book: March 30, 2021 – “Green Fraud” is also the number one bestseller in Amazon’s “United States National Government” […]

Biden mulls giving farmers billions to fight ‘climate change’. Even farmers are unsure about the plan. By ZACK COLMAN, LIZ CRAMPTON and HELENA BOTTEMILLER EVICH 03/29/2021 04:30 AM EDT The Biden administration’s ambitious plan to create a multibillion-dollar bank to help pay farmers to capture carbon from the atmosphere is running into surprising skepticism, challenging Agriculture Department officials to persuade the industry to get behind the massive climate proposal. “There’s a balance between moving […]

NYT: ‘Biden’s Lesson From Past Green Stimulus Failures: Go Even Bigger’ – The more the plans fail, the more the planners’ plan! As vice president, Joe Biden oversaw a “green jobs” stimulus package that produced notable failures. This time, with more money and more demand for clean technology, will be different, Democrats say. By Coral Davenport March 29, 2021 WASHINGTON — In September 2009, then-Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. traveled to a defunct General Motors plant […]

Democrats see $4 trillion infrastructure bill as a way to accomplish Green New Deal goals By Jess Bidgood Globe Staff – Updated March 28, 2021. WASHINGTON — In the viral ad that helped put his underdog campaign on a glide path to victory last summer, Senator Ed Markey cast himself as the Green New Dealmaker, an old hand in vintage sneakers who was agitating for sweeping progress on climate change. […]

‘Green Fraud’ dethrones Bill Gates’ ‘Climate Disaster’ book: ‘Green Fraud’ hits Number 1, 2 & 3 in Amazon’s ‘Environmental Policy’ – Pushes Gates’ book to number 4 Order book here:  Mark Steyn on Amazon being pressured to cancel Morano’s ‘Green Fraud’ book: ‘The warm-mongers are opting for their preferred method of disposal – get ’em canceled’ – Mark Steyn: “If you’ve seen Marc Morano interviewed by yours truly when I’m hosting on Fox, you’ll know that the former is absolutely the sharpest […]