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Watch: Former Obama-Biden federal scientist Dr. Steve Koonin declares his climate dissent – Served as former Energy Dept undersecretary

Steve Koonin joins FBN’s ‘Kudlow’ 3.19.21, Part 1 Theoretical physicist Dr. Steve Koonin was undersecretary of energy for science during President Obama’s first term and is director of the Center for Urban Science and Progress at New York University. Steve Koonin joins FBN’s ‘Kudlow’ 3.19.21, Part 2   Fox Business Channel – Broadcast March 19, […]

We’re saved! Bill Gates says ‘I plan to fly a lot less’ & eat more synthetic meat to fight ‘climate change’ – ‘I am driving electric cars. I have solar panels’ Bill Gates said Friday that among the ways he aims to cut his carbon consumption is by flying less and eating synthetic meat more often. The Microsoft co-founder was discussing his efforts to reduce climate change in an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit. Bill Gates Adam Galica | CNBC Bill Gates wants to […]

Review: Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom — Patrick Moore’s outstanding new book By Dr. Jay Lehr There have been dozens of good books written in the past decade telling the true stories countering the incessant lies of alarmists blaming impending environmental disasters on carbon dioxide emissions. None have been better than the newest contribution by Patrick Moore and certainly none as up to date […]

Analysis: The Social Cost of Carbon and Climate Sensitivity Is Model Manipulation at Its Finest By Patrick J. Michaels / Kevin Dayaratna The “social cost of carbon” is a calculation that the Biden administration is looking to use to justify stringent regulation of carbon dioxide emissions. Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt—joined by Arkansas, Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Utah—have now filed a lawsuit, […]