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Climactivists Launch $10M Ad Campaign To Spend Trillions On Climate Change

Climactivists Launch $10M Ad Campaign To Spend Trillions On Climate Change
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A coalition of climate activists and environmental groups launched a $10 million ad campaign Tuesday pressuring President Joe Biden and Congress to spend trillions of dollars on climate change.

Climate Power and the League of Conservation Voters started the self-described public awareness campaign called “The Great American Build.”

The campaign aims to rally Democrats around “transformational investments in clean energy and infrastructure,” Climate Power said in an announcement.

The campaign’s first television ad, which began airing Tuesday on cable, includes the president’s signature “Build Back Better” slogan and promotes major investments in climate infrastructure.

“Your country is calling you to rebuild America, to create a cleaner, safe, more prosperous future for all,” the ad says. “Tackling climate change — this is the job of our lifetime.”

Biden promised to spend at least $2 trillion on climate infrastructure during the 2020 election, including investments in green technology and renewable energy sources. His aggressive climate agenda also calls for an emissions-free power sector by 2035.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pledged on Sunday to swiftly roll out a new job and infrastructure package that prioritizes climate change and green energy, according to the Associated Press (AP).

The proposed spending package follows on the heels of the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill Biden signed into law last week.

But many Democrats are concerned Republicans and moderate Democrats would be unenthusiastic about another huge round of spending right after the COVID-19 package, according to the AP.

Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin said earlier this month he would block an infrastructure bill if Republicans are not included.

Climate Power executive director Lori Lodes said a key goal of “The Great American Build” campaign is to put greater political pressure on Democratic lawmakers to deliver on Biden’s multi-trillion dollar climate spending pledge, according to NBC News.

“Americans elected pro-climate majorities in Congress, and they expect big things on the issues that drove them to the polls — including clean energy and climate change,” Lodes said.

Climate Power’s campaign announcement also featured statements of support from Democratic governors and mayors, the leaders of several major unions, and other environmental groups.

“We need to push for a recovery plan that focuses on good-paying jobs in infrastructure, manufacturing, and clean energy,” Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said in a statement.

“We can put millions back to work and prepare states like ours to face climate change while creating unprecedented economic opportunity for businesses and prosperity for our people.”

There are few details so far about Democrats’ infrastructure spending push. But Democratic Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin was caught on the hot mic Monday telling Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg that Democrats would likely use budget reconciliation to push through a spending package with no Republican votes.

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