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Watch: Morano on Fox and Friends talking Build Back Better as Joe Biden eyes first major tax hike since 1993

Video also available here & here.

Fox News Channel – Fox and Friends – Broadcast March 16, 2021 – 4:22min. – Large amounts of cash would be spent on infrastructure and climate initiatives. Publisher of Marc Morano with reaction.



Morano: “This tax increase is looking to be $4 trillion of a federal confiscation of wealth (in spending & tax hikes), and this is going to be part of the Build Back Better plan so in a way it’s actually designed to harm, America and Middle America — because what they’re trying to do is essentially level the economy and then build it back up in partially in this green image. So yes, this is going to impact everyone and everything in our economy, and what President Biden has done is he’s going to be sneaking all sorts of extra goodies into this that he wouldn’t normally expect. This is their climate policy with this $4 trillion tax and spending hike coming up.

Fox News anchor Jillian Mele: Well, let’s take a look at the campaign climate promises including $2 trillion in clean energy spending over four years, achieving the carbon-free power sector by 2035, upgrading 4 million buildings over four years creating 1.5 million energy-efficient housing units and incentivizing trading and gas-powered cars, obviously that list goes on. It’s a lot to read, I want you to respond to this clip here we’re going to play this is between Senator Ben Cardin and Pete Buda judge this was on Monday, take a listen.

The fact that they’re having this conversation out in the public…What’s your reaction to that.

Morano: Well it’s very similar. Remember, Nancy Pelosi’s famous line on Obamacare, we won’t know what’s in it till after we pass it, we won’t know what the tax increases and what the effect on the economy will be until after they passed it and then they try to smooth it over between the house and Senate.

This is, this is in a sense, the progressive dream what’s happened with the lockdowns, and then the massive increase in debt, and the massive spending, and now massive tax increases on top of it. What it’s doing is it’s getting more and more Americans dependent on government, it’s going to harm more and more Americans economically which gives a justification for more government aid, more government handouts, more government programs, more powers by the progressive politicians. And they’ve redefining now infrastructure spending, they’re going to talk about redefining infrastructure now to include, pretty much any topic they want and particularly with this it’s going to be climate-energy environment.

Fox News anchor Jillian Mele: Ok. Marc Morano. Thank you, and be sure to pick up a copy of Marc’s new book which comes out next Tuesday. Congrats.



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