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NBC Races To Exploit Texas Crisis To Push Biden Climate Agenda

NBC Races To Exploit Texas Crisis To Push Radical Climate AgendaClimate Change Dispatch / 1d

Over the weekend, NBC’s Today shows on both Saturday and Sunday eagerly tried to exploit the deadly winter weather in Texas to push the Biden administration’s radical climate change agenda.

The broadcasts rushed to blame Republicans for power grid failures in the state and hail the U.S. rejoining the Paris Climate Accordjust in time to somehow avert future disasters.

“There are growing concerns that this unfolding disaster in Texas could be a warning about climate disasters in the future,” cohost Peter Alexander warned on Saturday Today.

He then welcomed on Biden administration national climate adviser and former Obama administration EPA administrator Gina McCarthy to politicize the desperate situation.

She agreed with his introduction of the segment:

And you’re right, this is one of those weather events that we shouldn’t think of as being unpredictable at this point. We are going to be facing these extreme weather events and challenges and we have to be prepared.

Fellow co-host Kristen Welker teed her up to bash the governor:

“…let me ask you about something that the Texas Governor Greg Abbott said. He said, quote, ‘Our wind and our solar got shut down. It just shows that fossil fuel is necessary.’ Is that the take away from this week, Director?”

McCarthy declared:

It’s not surprising that people would criticize, you know, renewable energy, it seems to be what people do. But we’ve got to get serious about this. We’ve got to get serious about protecting those people and getting through this disaster, doing a close look, but honestly, we have to take climate a lot more seriously, which is why the President is really initiating a whole-of-government approach to this. So we start taking it with the seriousness it deserves.

Referring to the Paris Climate Accord, Welker lobbed this softball:

“So can the United States catch up to the aggressive commitments that were set in order to match its initial promises?”

McCarthy assured her:

“Yeah, of course, we can. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Over the next few months, it’s our job to work across the federal government to identify the opportunities for reductions [in carbon emissions]…”

On Sunday Today, correspondent Anne Thompson cheered:

“The U.S. is back in the climate fight, formally re-entering the Paris agreement to global applause.”

That was interwoven with soundbites of Biden announcing: “America is back… Together we need to invest in the technical innovations that are going to power our clean energy future.”

Thompson used Texas as an example of why the U.S. had to rejoin the job-killing international agreement:

“As the eyes of the world focused on Texas and the devastating failure of its electrical grid….the entire state in a deep freeze, suffering from extreme weather climate change can make more frequent.”

After hammering Governor Abbott for “the political spin that’s coming out of Texas in the wake of this crisis,” Thompson continued with her own Democratic Party spin by urging for an end to fossil fuels:

“I think the other thing you’re going to see is an increased move to clean energy because it’s those fossil fuel plants burning natural gas and coal that are causing climate change and it’s climate change that is causing the extreme weather events leading to things like we saw in Texas this past week.”

Cohost Willie Geist concluded: “Yeah, it’s hard to imagine a crisis of this magnitude doesn’t rouse people here.”

The leftist media are never shy about using a crisis to help Democrats force through their agenda.

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