Progressive feminist Naomi Wolf rips the Green New Deal as ‘fascism’ – ‘I WANT a Green New Deal’ but ‘this one is a straight up power grab’

Wolf’s 2019 Videos: 

GreenNewDeal Astonishes- Vast $$ for VCs (Venture Capitalists), “New Banks”, Fed Reserve, Nat’l “Smart Grid”, No Oversight

Daily Clout – Jan 9, 2019
Here’s the link to the Green New Deal document:…
Source: We actually READ the #GreenNewDeal. It’s NOT a draft bill — it’s 11 pages of a Google doc with shocking surprises. It assigns a vast “wartime footing” level amount of taxpayer money to private entities — VCs, the private Federal Reserve, “new banks” and any “financial instrument” the 15 members of the committee decide ‘appropriate.” It creates a national SMART GRID — which is terrible for human health and great for telecoms and surveillance.
It gives the 15 committee members the right to not hold any public hearings about the “green new deal,” if they so choose. It creates loopholes that leave them free to not have normal term limits. It hands vast sums to air and ocean carbon capture, which is an experimental geoengineering tech for which silicon valley investors own IP. It states that the “green new deal” will be released on a website and a publication — not on govtrack, where public transparency is assured (and where we at DailyClout get our API).
It transfers “unlimited” resources at the will of the 15 and their chosen partners in business, industry etc to groups defined by race, gender and rural-ness, thus violating the equal protections in our Constitution. It’s a shocking document.
Second video: Feb 10, 2019: This version of the #Greennewdeal is almost as shocking as the one we read last week that Rep Ocasio-Cortez disavowed. This one is 60 per cent green and forty per cent giant non-transparent blank checks to unions, “vulnerable and frontline communities” and geoengineering VCs, as well as huge interventions in health care, capitalism and housing that have not been voted for and that have nothing to do with climate change.


Wolf on The Green New Deal Resolution from January & February 2019 here and here
Wolf: “I like it, as an outcome, I know we probably need it, but it is definitely short-circuiting one of the pillars of our democracy, which is that the bill gets to be drafted by people’s representatives, and passed by the people’s representatives, and these 15 people [making up the committee] and Nancy Pelosi don’t get to say what’s in the bill, right? That’s kind of called Fascism.”

Wolf: “It’s definitely not democracy, exactly, because it’s saying whoever is in power in 10 years, let alone 4 years, or 8 years… it transcends the decisions that the people of the United States might make about their leadership.”

“I love local solutions but this is a federal bill and it’s a federal action and so this is a gigantic power grab to intervene in how local communities do business and maybe the climate crisis has led to a situation which we just need to suspend local municipalities right to make their own municipal laws I don’t think so.”

GND is like “The Bush people” declaring “that the war on terror was going to go on for 99 years.”

Calls the plan “a big grab for historic real estate in the future.”
“They could take the trillion dollars there they’re aiming to have allocated at least if it’s a wartime footing of financing and flow through any damn financial vehicle they want with any rules according to paragraph C of the lacs last section on what would be about page six the final section so that should blow your mind and raise every kind of alarm — every kind of alarm.
“I really hope you read this whole document all the way through it will blow your mind whether you’re on the left the right in the middle and independent anarchists socialists anything anywhere on the spectrum this should blow your mind if you think that you live in a democracy in which we have three branches government.”
Wolf: “The Green New Deal, it’s creating a new process for the allocation of power essentially. The headline of what I’m gonna walk you through is that while this push of Ocasio-Cortez is for a Green New Deal seems very oppositional, I really want to ask you to be very skeptical and critical in scrutinizing you know the optics of this Green New Deal. And here’s what I mean Ocasio-Cortez has protested and I respect that there was a protest for the Green New Deal in Nancy Pelosi’s office. I respect that but as a former consultant to the vice president and to the campaign of the president formally and informally, I know that that’s really really hard to pull off without security basically ‘okay’ and let you.
You really can’t just walk into a congressperson’s office and protest. Security doesn’t permit it. So that’s of interest and the drumbeat of a very what seems like a very well-coordinated campaign to get people on board the Green New Deal which I want I really want to stress we need a Green New Deal yesterday but the drumbeat really has all the hallmarks of a campaign that is coordinated with a great deal of sophistication and yet made to look like a grassroots campaign.
And the reason I bring that up is that sadly enough they the DNC like the RNC is perfectly capable and we’ve seen this again and again on the left of positioning a candidate like [NYT mayor] Bill DeBlasio as this outsider you know it that much was made of his multiracial family he’s gonna be the representative of the grassroots then he gets into office he becomes inaccessible to reporters and he’s totally in the pocket of developers. So just because someone seems really cool and you know young and non-traditional and is fantastic on Twitter — she may be as awesome as many people think — I certainly respect a lot of things about Ocasio-Cortez — however it doesn’t mean that the old guard DNC isn’t perfectly capable of essentially constructing what looks like a two-pronged action where there’s the challenger and there’s the resistant establishment representative. It seems like a conflict but in the end you get the same old power elite owning everything. So that’s the background of what I want to share with you.”

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