‘A litany of frightening statistics’: New UN 168-page report warns huge changes in society needed to save earth — Climate Depot’s point-by-point rebuttal

Climate Depot Special Report AP Headline: “UN: Huge changes in society needed to keep nature, Earth OK” Climate Depot’s corrected headline: “Former top socialist who runs the UN wants issues yet another worthless anti-scientific report demanding huge centralized changes in society” # AP article: Thursday’s [UN] report combines three intertwined environment crises and tells the […]

Planet Earth its quietest in decades as lockdowns reduce seismic noise

https://news.trust.org/item/20210218132810-5xify (Reuters) – Earth had its quietest period in decades during 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic significantly reduced human activity and its impact on the planet’s crust, according to scientists working on a global study. An international group of seismologists from 33 countries measured a drop of up to 50% in so-called ambient noise generated […]

Facebook to Label Climate Posts Like Covid, Vote Content – ‘Will direct users to Facebook’s Climate Science Information Center’

https://finance.yahoo.com/news/facebook-label-climate-change-posts-110000858.html (Bloomberg) — Facebook Inc. will begin labeling some user posts that mention climate change in the same way it has annotated posts discussing elections and Covid-19, a sign the social network is taking climate-related misinformation more seriously. The labels will direct users to Facebook’s Climate Science Information Center — an existing hub that includes […]

‘Where’s the Beef?’ – ‘Climate Expert’ Bill Gates’ And His Synthetic Beef Folly

https://climatechangedispatch.com/climate-expert-bill-gates-and-his-synthetic-beef-folly/ By Cal Thomas What is it about people who are successful in one field and believe that gives them credence to serving as an expert in a totally unrelated field? Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and reportedly the fourth-richest person on the planet, now self-identifies as a climate expert, and not only an […]

Biden’s Economy Will Be a Train Wreck: Green policies risk the return of inflation as energy prices rise

https://www.realclearenergy.org/articles/2021/02/17/bidens_economy_will_be_a_train_wreck_660695.html By Rupert Darwall Warning lights should be flashing. Less than a month in, it’s becoming evident that President Joe Biden’s economic policies are likely to end in disaster. The wrong economic diagnosis and the politics of not letting any crisis go to waste is leading to the most damaging mix of economic policy in decades. […]

Renounce fossil fuels? – Siberian cold hitting U.S. Exposes The Perils Of Attempting To ‘Electrify Everything’ & Go Green

https://www.forbes.com/sites/robertbryce/2021/02/15/this-blizzard-exposes-the-perils-of-attempting-to-electrify-everything/?sh=28ab58397e15 By Robert Bryce The massive blast of Siberia-like cold that is wreaking havoc across North America is proving that if we humans want to keep surviving frigid winters, we are going to have to keep burning natural gas — and lots of it — for decades to come. That cold reality contradicts the “electrify everything” scenario […]