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N. America, Europe, & Asia see thousands of new cold records this winter & more cold on the way


Low temperatures records have been tumbling across the planet of late, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere — North America, Europe, and Asia have each logged thousands of new cold records this winter, and now the situation looks set to intensify even further…

Latest GFS runs show a hemisphere-wide hyperborean invasion starting now and running all of next week, with brutal Arctic air masses occupying the majority of the mid-latitudes by Monday, Feb. 15.

The below graphic is the forecast for Wednesday, Feb. 17:

GFS 2m Temp Anomalies for Weds, Feb. 17 [].

Temperature departures of 20C below the winter average will grip much of North America and Russia, with North Africa and eastern Asia also copping nation-spanning blasts of anomalous cold.

The mercury within the Arctic region itself is forecast to rise above average, but this is an expected phenomenon during times of low solar activity as a weak and wavy “meridional” jet stream flow diverts that frigid polar cold south.

“When solar activity is HIGH, the jet stream is tight and stable and follows somewhat of a straight path. But when solar activity is LOW, that meandering band of air flowing 6 miles above our heads becomes weak and wavy, it effectively buckles which diverts frigid Polar air to atypically low latitudes and replaces it with warmer tropical air [for a more detailed explanation, click here].

The Sun has just experienced its weakest solar cycle of the past 100 years, and the next cycle (25) is proving slow to get going — at a time when things would ordinarily be ramping-up the Sun has instead been “blank” for the past 8 days, making for 25 spotless days in 2021, or 58%.