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‘Zero Covid is a totalitarian aim, best delivered by a totalitarian state’ – Will lead to untold endless suffering & tyranny

  The campaign for "Zero COVID" isn't just dangerous and delusional, it's psychotic, and will lead to untold and endless suffering and tyranny. These people must be stopped, and their ideas relegated to the dustbin of history. Important read. 👇 — Scott Morefield (@SKMorefield) February 6, 2021 Inside the Zero Covid campaign The urge […]

Activists urge Biden to embrace ‘climate emergency’ to ‘radically reshape the U.S. economy’ & ‘best way of launching a Green New Deal’ It’s time to declare a climate emergency By Eric Holthaus Excerpt: A new bill introduced by Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Earl Blumenauer would require the president to invoke emergency powers to tackle the climate crisis. … Earlier this week, Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Earl Blumenauer introduced a bill in Congress that would require President […]

New report: ‘Climate emergency’ claims falsified by real world data Global Warming Policy Foundation London, 4 February: The familiar narrative of a climate “emergency” is not supported by a vast body of observational data, according to a new paper published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation.   Contrary to popular belief there is little evidence of harmful trends from the impact of global warming. According to […]

AOC & Bernie Introduce Bill to Declare National ‘Climate Emergency’ BY JEFF REYNOLDS President Trump declared a national emergency over the novel coronavirus on March 13, 2020. As the crisis evolved throughout 2020, many governors took that football and ran it as far down the field as they could, implementing ever more severe restrictions on their states as they declared their own state emergencies. As […]

Here Come the ‘Climate Lockdowns’ – Goal ‘is to destroy capitalism’ BY RICK MORAN PJM’s Jeff Reynolds reported on the proposed “climate emergency” legislation that would declare climate change a “national emergency.” If passed, it would give Biden sweeping powers and unlock billions in spending. Since there is no “climate emergency” at the moment, the radical greens have to create one. And the more dire and frightening […]