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Ezra Levant explains why liberals should support domestic fossil fuels: ‘Why on earth would you buy oil from Putin or from a terrorist fascist theocracy that stones women accused of adultery?’

Why Joe Biden Should NOT Kill The KeyStone Pipeline With Ezra Levant Of Rebel News!

The Ann and Phelim Scoop – Joe Biden may have KILLED the Keystone Pipeline project forever. Not only will this cost America thousands of high-paying jobs during one of the worst recessions in American history, but it’s will also cut off America’s access to oil and gas that isn’t from a country with serious human rights violations. On today’s podcast, we are joined by energy expert and free speech warrior Ezra Levant of Canada’s Rebel News. Ezra takes us through Biden’s disastrous decision and explains why Biden is WRONG when he claims killing Keystone will help fight climate change.

Ezra Levant, founder of Rebel News: I have in my book four measurements by which Canadian and American oil is morally superior than conflict oil.

Number one: Environmental protection. They don’t that’s not a thing in the third world.

Number two: Peace we don’t use oil to you know fund terrorism which is what they do in Iran or places like that

Number three: What the left might call economic justice is all the money going to the oligarch at the top or in the case of America and Canada are ordinary men and women who work in the oil fields making high five-figure six-figure salaries. …Some of the best jobs in America are in oil and gas.

Number four: Finally, something we take for granted in Canada, America, the UK: Human rights. We don’t stone gays. We allow women to work. I mean what’s the gender analysis on Saudi oil?

There are no women allowed to work in Saudi Arabia. So if you care about the environment, peace, economic justice for workers, or human rights — the way Maduro treats aboriginal people in Venezuela for example — if you care about that.

The reason I chose those four measurements because those are what liberals talk about. I’m a right-wing guy, so I talk about money and security and things like that. But if you’re a liberal, you claim you care about the environment peace economic justice and human rights, but why on earth then would you buy oil from Putin or from tyranny or a terrorist fascist theocracy that stones women accused of adultery?