UK Guardian laments lockdowns ‘too short’! – ‘Could Covid lockdown have helped save the planet?’ — ‘The short answer is: not enough…the respite was too short’ Slowdown of human activity was too short to reverse years of destruction, but we saw a glimpse of post-fossil fuel world By Jonathan Watts @jonathanwatts When lockdown began, climate scientists were horrified at the unfolding tragedy, but also intrigued to observe what they called an “inadvertent experiment” on a global scale. To what extent, they asked, […]

Prince Charles: ‘We can learn so much from indigenous communities’ on living in balance with the natural world – ‘Mother Nature is our sustainer’

Prince Charles warns human exploitation of nature is 'insanity' – says there is much to be learned from indigenous communities on living in balance with the natural world — Marc Morano (@ClimateDepot) December 29, 2020 Dec 29 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Humans should remember they are part of nature and stop exploiting it […]

Analysis: Wind and solar are losing ground to gas – USA ‘increased its fossil fuel generating capacity by 3 times as much as it did for renewables’ By David Wojick The subsidies that never die — for wind and solar power — are back. With Christmas coming on the Lame Duck Congress elected to throw untold additional billions at renewables. What is amusing is that gas-fired power generation, a fossil fuel with no subsidy, is still growing faster than wind and […]

When Obama made the UN Paris climate agreement end run By Chris Horner  Recently, conservatives have called on President Trump to transmit the Paris climate agreement to the Senate as a treaty requiring “advice and consent” before it can in any way bind the United States, which Paris on its face so clearly is with its promises of adding ever-tightening regulations every five years, in perpetuity. Doing so would restore […]