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‘I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better’ – World Economic Forum Admits Davos 2021 will Reveal ‘Great Reset Initiative’ By Cristina Laila The World Economic Forum unveiled a preview for its Davos 2021 Agenda. The meeting of the world’s political and corporate elites next month will be a digital event due to Covid concerns. Many on the right were mocked for saying the “Great Reset” was a part of a larger conspiracy to impose worldwide […]

Deb Haaland is Biden’s radical pick for Interior Secretary – endorsed by the Sunrise Movement By Gabriella Hoffman President-elect Joe Biden’s likely pick for Interior Secretary is New Mexico Representative Deb Haaland (D-NM). . Haaland, first elected to Congress in 2018, was one of four contenders for the role—besting three fellow New Mexicans: Senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich along with former Obama Interior Deputy Secretary Michael Conner. Without […]

AP: ‘Biden picks deal-makers, fighters for climate’ – Steve Milloy Rebuttal: ‘There is nothing Biden’s climate team can do to change the weather’

There is nothing Biden's climate team can do to change the weather. But they can kill your job, wreck the economy, reduce your standard of living, and make us more dependent on OPEC and China. And they will. — Steve Milloy (@JunkScience) December 21, 2020 WASHINGTON (AP) — Joe Biden is picking deal-makers and […]

FOIA lawsuit seeks to highlight just how little ‘advice and consent’ went into the Paris Agreement by Kevin Mooney Getting documents out of a government agency is a heavy lift. That’s what the nonprofit organization Energy Policy Advocates aims to do in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, seeking State Department documents that describe how the Obama administration circumvented the Constitution to join a United Nations climate treaty. A joint […]

Great explainer on Technocracy & The Great Reset

This is a useful explainer on #TheGreatReset — James Delingpole (@JMCDelingpole) December 21, 2020 BY: DR. JOSEPH MERCOLA This in-depth article by Dr. Joseph Mercola highlights the recent  interview of Patrick Wood by well-known British journalist/author James Delingpole. The World Economic Forum’s Great Reset by any other name is still Technocracy.  Increasingly, […]

Great Barrier Reef Heresy? And the importance of asking questions

Reef Heresy? And the importance of asking questions via @JennMarohasy — Net Zero Watch (@NetZeroWatch) December 21, 2020 Jennifer Marohasy Despite a plethora of history and data suggesting that ideas should always be tested, we live during a time when it is so unfashionable to ask the hard questions.   I am […]

Analysis: Climate Lockdowns Are Coming By MATT NILSSON In this three-part series we will exam the transformation from COVID lockdowns to climate lockdowns. In Part I we will establish a timeline of the dark side of the environmental movement. In Part II we’ll be looking into the specifics of what a climate lockdown really means and what impact current lockdown […]

How The COVID Relief Bill Turned Into A Climate Change Bill

Swamp sticks climate language and cash in COVID relief bill. Bill will pointlessly raise the price of air conditioning and shovel $35 billion in taxpayer subsidies at wind/solar fraudsters. Please veto this, @realDonaldTrump. — Steve Milloy (@JunkScience) December 21, 2020 By JAZZ SHAW So they did it. Working late into the night before scurrying […]

Joe Biden’s proposed EPA Chief Michael Regan claims ‘climate change is the most significant challenge humanity faces’ We are so fortunate to have you at the helm to get climate under control at this critical moment. Thanks for your leadership!! — David Tuft (@dstuft) December 18, 2020   .@Michael_S_Regan created the first @NCDEQ environmental justice advisory board, led the creation of @NC_Governor's Clean Energy Plan, fought to clean […]