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Hot Mic: White House press pool laughs at McEnany & Trump – ‘They got covid. They lost the election’


Minutes before Friday’s White House briefing with Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, members of the White House press corps are caught on a hot mic laughing over McEnany’s and President Trump’s bouts with Covid-19 and the apparent loss of the election. White House Press Briefing The White House November 20, 2020
Reporter 1: “Hey guys. We’re in the White House Briefing Room here. Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is going to hold her first briefing since October 1st and a lot has happened since then. The two-minute warning. The President has gotten covid, she’s gotten covid, they’ve lost the election, and the President has refused to concede.” [Laughter]
Female Reporter 1: “Let’s see how it goes.” [Laughter]
Male Reporter 2: “I’m sorry. That is excellent. They got covid. They lost the election.”
Female Reporter 3: “They lost the election. We’ll see” [Inaudible] [Laughter]
Male Reporter 4: “To be determined.” [Laughter]
Female Reporter 2: “There was a lot of ‘rally-age’.”
Female Reporter 3: “That’s great.”
Female Reporter 1: “Thanks.”
Female Reporter 3: “That’s a [inaudible] Tik Tok.”
Female Reporter 1: “Oh my God.”
Female Reporter 3: “That was bad.”
Female Reporter 1: “I didn’t do that though.”