CEO Of UK’s National Health Service: COVID-19 is ‘most pressing…but undoubtedly climate change poses the most profound long-term threat to the health of the nation’

The NHS has today adopted a multiyear plan to become the world's first carbon net zero national health system. Read the Net Zero report to find out more. #GreenerNHS — NHS England (@NHSEngland) October 1, 2020 The Covid Physician   Via Lockdown skeptics: Sir Simon Stevens CEO of NHSE be tweeted saying, to […]

No dissent allowed: COVID debate apes climate debate: Physician compares people who disagree on COVID, masks, vaccines – to patients with severe psychosis

Because the fights ahead will be ugly. Here's a PHYSICIAN comparing people who disagree with his views on masks or vaccines to patients with Capgras syndrome (a severe psychosis where you believe the people around you are actually imposters)… — Alex Berenson (@AlexBerenson) November 6, 2020 This is the most unethical publication I have seen […]

A Bipartisan Climate Policy? It Could Happen Under a Biden Administration, Washington Veterans Say BY MARIANNE LAVELLE Many environmentalists hoped that Joe Biden would become the FDR of climate change. But if, as seems likely, Biden emerges as the winner of a deeply divisive presidential election, in which the Republican Party retains control of the Senate, it is more likely he will need the skills of an LBJ. […]

US Conflicted over Green Energy – ‘Tied to persistent blackouts in California’ US Conflicted over Green EnergyScience Matters / by Ron Clutz / 22hIs this article about sustainable development?YESNO Joel Kotkin writes at Real Clear Energy Democrats’ Energy Dilemma.  Excerpts in italics with my bolds. The biggest challenge facing a putative first-term Joe Biden administration and the Democratic Party may lie with energy policy, where gentry and green wishful thinking confront the […]

GWPF calls for urgent inquiry into rising blackout risk, threatening national security GWPF calls for urgent inquiry into rising blackout risk, threatening national securityThe Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) / by bennypeiser / 1h Britain faces an energy emergency as lack of wind exposes tottering electricity system, rescued by coal London, 6 November: The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) is today calling on MPs to start an urgent inquiry into the economic and national […]

Scientists ‘surprised’ that coral reefs recover after bleaching Scientists ‘surprised’ that coral reefs recover after bleachingThe Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) / by bennypeiser / 1h “We were expecting to see widespread mortality, and we just didn’t see it ….” Scientists inspect healthy coral on the slope of Clerke Reef at the Rowley Shoals.(Supplied: Department Of Biodiversity, Conservation And Attractions) It was a depressing, if expected […]

Colder weather and low winds expose UK electricity system weakness & cost due to climate mandates Colder weather and low winds expose UK electricity system weaknessThe Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) / by John Constable / 1hIs this article about foreign policy?YESNO The sudden onset of cold weather has brought more clear evidence that the United Kingdom’s wind-dominated Electricity System is weak and extremely expensive to run. A high pressure system has resulted in unexpectedly […]

A Republican Senate Will Keep Biden in Check? Oh, Please! – ‘Romney is poster child for present-day GOP Senate: pandering, feckless, disloyal, & weak’ By Julie Kelly If you’re disappointed with Mitch McConnell and company now, just wait until next year if Joe Biden is president. In February 2020, Mitt Romney became the first U.S. senator in history to vote to convict the president of his own party. Despite a laughable impeachment case concocted by House Democrats and […]