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America should stay out of UN Paris Pact — ‘A dangerous affront to democracy. Trump was right to challenge it’ By BEN PILE One of President Trump’s most controversial moves on the world stage was his withdrawal of the USA from the 2015 Paris climate agreement. Coincidentally, the US’s departure from the agreement fell the day after the US presidential election, which at the time of writing is inconclusive. Challenger candidate Joe Biden has promised […]

New Jersey signs strongest plastic and paper bag ban in US – ‘Banned single-use plastic & paper food items at stores & restaurants’ Story at a glance New Jersey just passed one of the toughest laws against single-use plastic products in the country. It goes into effect in 2022. On Nov. 4, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) signed the strongest single-use bag ban in the nation, effectively prohibiting the use of single-use plastic and paper bags […]

Global Cooling will kill us all! By Andy May As Angus McFarlane shows in a 2018 well researched web post (McFarlane, 2018), some 65% of the peer-reviewed climate papers, that offered an opinion, published between 1965 and 1979 predicted that the global cooling seen at the time would continue. He references and is supported by a post by Kenneth Richard (Richard, 2016). […]

Britain faces green energy disaster as lack of wind triggers new blackout warning Britain faces green energy disaster as lack of wind triggers new blackout warningThe Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) / by bennypeiser / 1dIs this article about climate?YESNO As the GWPF and other critics of the Government’s foolish wind obsession have warned, the risk of lights going out all over Britain is rising relentlessly. Click on image to read The Brink of Darkness: […]

Google Boosts World Bank’s False Claim That Middle-East Crops Are At Risk Google Boosts World Bank’s False Claim That Middle-East Crops Are At RiskClimate Change Dispatch / 3hIs this article about politics?YESNO Google News today is promoting articles (see the Google-promoted PhysOrg article here, for example) about a speculative World Bank “study” claiming climate change is threatening crop production in the Middle East. The World Bank study is full of […]

New Study Effectively Eliminates Confidence In Human Attribution For Modern ‘Global Warming’ – ‘Uncertainty about 80 times greater than anthropogenic signal detection’ By Kenneth Richard The forcing uncertainties and lack of observational measurements in the top-to-bottom global ocean preclude an assessment that modern warmth is due to anthropogenic activities. Key points from a new paper (Gebbie, 2021): • 93% of the changes to the Earth’s energy budget, manifested as warming of the Earth system, are expressed […]

Biden vows to rejoin Paris climate pact on first day of presidency BY PHIL SHIVER    Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden pledged to rejoin the Paris climate agreement on his first day in office should he be elected to the presidency. Calling all Americans to take back our constitutional freedoms What are the details? The former vice president tweeted the news on the same day that […]

The Guardian: A Biden Presidency would Crack Down on Climate ‘Cheats’ by Eric Worrall The Guardian fantasising how Biden might use the USA’s economic might to bully other nations on climate policy. Biden as president would pursue climate ‘cheaters’ – and Australia could be among them Scott Morrison has resisted a call to action from the UK – but the US would be hard to […]

Disappointing: Trump admin picks warmist scientist to head new National Climate Assessment

I know this is serious news but also her name is Weatherhead — Alice Bell (@alicebell) November 5, 2020 NASA warmist Gavin Schmidt loves the pick! She’s great. — Gavin Schmidt (@ClimateOfGavin) November 5, 2020 Climate Depot Response: Washington Post: “The next National Climate Assessment, the federal government’s most definitive and comprehensive report […]