Biden’s Electric Car Delusion By Dr. Jay Lehr & Tom Harris Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s election promise to vastly increase electric cars in America makes no sense. It would leave people with unreliable vehicles, huge transportation costs and do nothing to protect the environment. Besides aiming to ensure “100% of new sales for light- and medium-duty vehicles […]

AP Polls reveal climate was near bottom of voter priorities — Below 10% in state-by-state polling – A wholesale rejection of the Green New Deal even in blue states

Climate was not even close to being a voter priority yesterday — never greater than single digits in any state reported so far. This must be considered as a wholesale rejection of the #GreenNewDeal even in blue states. — Steve Milloy (@JunkScience) November 4, 2020 Via New York Times: “The numbers on this page […]

New York Times: “Election Day 2020: “The ‘green wave’ that environmentalists had hoped for failed to materialize” The New York Times By Henry Fountain The United States presidential race is still up in the air, and the battle for control of the  Senate  appears far from over. But one thing is clear the day after Election Day 2020: The “green wave” that environmentalists had hoped for failed to materialize. There were bright spots for […]

Covid, Climate Change, and Government Coercion: ‘THE POLITICS OF FEAR THREATEN OUR LIBERTIES’ By Rupert Darwall Covid-19 has seen democratic governments exercising coercive powers over their citizens on a scale never imagined. Their justification: Your freedom is someone else’s risk of catching a potentially fatal disease. Having deployed the instruments of social control, politicians and government bureaucrats won’t quietly put them away when the crisis passes – […]

NY Times Keeps Reporter On Energy Beat Despite Tweet Linking Industry to ‘White Supremacy’ by Todd Shepherd A New York Times reporter who said the oil and gas industry is linked to white supremacy is still on the energy sector beat, despite complaints she can’t provide objective coverage, emails obtained by InsideSources show. “I’ve been thinking a lot about fossil fuels and white supremacy recently,” Times climate change reporter Hiroko Tabuchi tweeted […]

Biden Would ‘Transition’ Your Standard of Living – Seeks to get rid of fossil fuels By Steve Milloy Joe Biden is no moderate. He admitted as much at the final presidential debate when he said that he would “transition” America away from oil. Many don’t realize how radical a statement that is. Since at least 1988, politicians and advocates have tried to sell the American people two demonstrably false […]