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You’ll Take The Great Reset—And Like It


Ladies and germs—coronadoom germs, that is—the World Economic Forum introduces us to our next wave of forced confinement, which it insists we shalt enjoy. Or, as it turns out, else.

They tweeted the sappy mugs of two nouveau slaves pleased at their imminent loss of human contact. There is more than a whiff of a hint in the tableau that we all ought to get used to this.

Because The Great Reset is coming.

Conspiracies have taken on a bad name in our woke culture, relegated to the status of theory. Yet not all conspiracies are theories. Some are actual. Take MK Ultra, our beneficent government’s once-secret plan to use brainwashing techniques, created in Germany circa 1944 and brought to this country by their originators, to create secret spies, killers, and whatnot. They say it didn’t work.

The Great Reset is likewise a non-theoretical conspiracy, a plan by our elites to leverage the coronadoom to take from us all that we own, and confer it onto them.

“Hold up, Briggs. That’s rank nonsense. Nothing but hyperbole, you fraud.”


Meet Klaus Schwab, author of the new book COVID-19: The Great Reset. From the description:

COVID-19: The Great Reset is a guide for anyone who wants to understand how COVID-19 disrupted our social and economic systems, and what changes will be needed to create a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable world going forward. Klaus Schwab, founder and executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, and Thierry Malleret, founder of the Monthly Barometer, explore what the root causes of these crisis were, and why they lead to a need for a Great Reset. Theirs is a worrying, yet hopeful analysis. COVID-19 has created a great disruptive reset of our global social, economic, and political systems. But the power of human beings lies in being foresighted and having the ingenuity, at least to a certain extent, to take their destiny into their hands and to plan for a better future.

Time magazine recently published an article by old Klaus: A Better Economy Is Possible. But We Need to Reimagine Capitalism to Do It. He opens with his experience of the doom. He said it was bad, but the “immediate upside, perhaps, was the drop in greenhouse-gas emissions, which brought slight, temporary relief to the planet’s atmosphere.”

The same economic system that created so much prosperity in the golden age of American capitalism in the 1950s and 1960s is now creating inequality and climate change. And the same political system that enabled our global progress and democracy after World War II now contributes to societal discord and discontent. Each was well intended but had unintended negative consequences.

By “societal discord and discontent” he does not mean the growth of the Undead Woke Army, BLM, and Antifa, but the resistance to these.

The WEF recommends embracing “intersectionality for tackling diversity and inclusion.” They promise that being an “#LGBT ally can transform your life”. And, as they say, so on.

The Great Reset is a plan to move away from financial liberty to woke economics. This will be done in the now usual way. The WEF cajoled Bank of America and others to add “nonfinancial metrics and disclosures” to their annual reports, to answer questions such as “What is the gender pay gap in company X? How many people of diverse backgrounds were hired and promoted? What progress has the company made toward reducing its greenhouse-gas emissions?” “Business needed to do more than make a well-intentioned but vague pledge” to redress unwoke balances, they said.

Global governance, thanks to the opportunities presented by the “crossing borders” coroandoom, will usher in the idea of “stackholder capitalism”, which removes ownership by owners and transfer it to stakeholders.

Way back in pre-doom days, in 2016, the WEF put out a video explaining how by 2030 you, dear reader, will no longer own anything. And “you’ll be happy” about this. All products will become services, they insist. Meat will become “a rare treat”.

Instead of owning, we will rent all things, mostly delivered by drones. Who will we pay rent to, who can we pay rent to, but an owner? Somebody has to own the materials that make things, or the processes that produce them, or the drones that deliver. Who decides what to make? And what resources to gather? If they say the “state” owns all these, as in socialism, then they admit it is oligarchs or thugs that are the owners, regardless of what it says on a piece of paper about “stakeholders”.

It takes no special genius to figure out where this open conspiracy is going. I only touched on a small portion of it here. More is sure to come—the mysterious phrase “Build Back Better” (look it up), immunity passports, COVID-21, transhumanism, UN Agenda 2030, Vigano’s letter to Trump, etc.